[UPDATE] Verizon and Google Teaming Up For Tablet


All speculation and arguments regarding Verizon procuring the iPhone aside, the relationship between Google and Verizon is showing no signs of fizzling out. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon exec Lowell McAdam has come out with the news that Google and Verizon are currently collaborating on the development of a tablet device.


Very little is known about the tablet, and this includes whether the device will run Android or the untested Chrome OS. McAdam said Verizon is “looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience.” With Android showing some real promise as the OS to contend with the iPad and past murmurs indicating Google was already heading down that path, Android seems like a no-brainer for this one, especially considering its brand recognition for Verizon customers.

The WSJ article is thin on other details, and no manufacturer, release date, or pricing model has been revealed.

[UPDATE]: In a conversation with Verizon spokesperson Marquett Smith, it was confirmed by Bloomberg that the Google/Verizon tablet will indeed be running on Android. More details should be coming later this week, and expect to see a lot about this one at Google I/O.

[WSJ via Gizmodo]

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  1. I just peed a little.

  2. This is extremely interesting. I know many people say that Verizon doesn’t give a whoot about devices in particular and just wants the plans. But I’m honestly getting more and more of a feeling that Verizon does care in terms of the consumerized smartphone and tablet because they don’t want to deal with Apple on their terms. I think part of the reason for the iPhone not being on Verizon is that Verizon doesn’t need Apple and isn’t gonna bend over like AT&T does. And having top Android phones and an Android tablet would definitely make them even less needy. They have the marketing guns as well to get the thing noticed. Lets be real…Verizon’s commercials can stick on you as much as Apple….”Can you hear me now”…”DROOOID”…

    I could be wrong but I think Verizon does not want to be a one trick pony in only having Apple’s products. They’ll pit Android against Apple to make sure they keep the upper hand. For that reason alone I don’t think Apple would come to Verizon and run the table. Verizon would probably push more Android devices to counter it.

  3. Verizon doesn’t need the iPhone beasue for most Verizon customers Android+Verizon > iPhone+AT&T–even if they like the iphone better as a device.

    I am so glad this is not a Chrome OS tablet. I really do not want a purely cloud based device with 4G as a minimum.

  4. I am with Verizon and have been interested in a tablet device. I still feel that the iPad is limited and would much prefer to have a tablet running Android. I hope that this is true and that they can get it to market this year. I would be very interested!

  5. carier exclusivity blows, heres hoping for a gsm version

  6. Preparing my email for Mr. McAdam… He already made sure I got a Droid in a fouled up CSR situation. Maybe he’ll hook me up as a field beta tester… One can dream right?

  7. Big trouble in little Cupertino. The Google tablet cometh…and not in online only sales either lmao.

  8. “It’s probably going to take a year to two years for them to get to the same functionality as the iPad,” Hilwa said.
    Guess again lol.

  9. This is awesome for consumers, but really…I don’t have any interest in a tablet/slate/pad, whatever. Except maybe for buying/reading books, textbooks, etc. THEN I might consider it if the price is right. Otherwise, pass.

  10. destardi wrote on May 11, 2010
    Awww, don’t feel bad destardi…I can buy whatever new device, whenever I want, because I have money. oh my Rolex says its time to go bye. :)

  11. There are about 50 Android tablets that are going to be shown at Computex in Taiwan 3 weeks from now. There will be plenty of Android tablets for any carrier to choose from. Or just to be sold from prices below $200 in any retail store. Follow my site for all the latest videos about those Android tablets.

  12. jdog your a fucking dick, my concious says you have no friends… bye :)

  13. Google Android tablet + newly acquired BumpTop desktop+ Google Editions+Verizon=Wow

  14. Hopefully there will be tablet specific apps in the market, and not just phone apps “blowin up” to look all ugly.

  15. I agree with DJ.

    Its going to be amazing and hopefully will be on T-Mobile UK.

  16. @Covert you should read the comments here I just copied and pasted what destardi said to me, you should come down there buddy. destrardi is the dick :)

  17. I dunno, I’m thinking that the rumored HP Hurricane with WebOS might be better than this form factor.

  18. Looks tight. I would buy it if it runs well. Thing would be cool for a writer…sure hope it runs smoothly and being its Verizon mixed with it I am sure they will make sure its a badass device. They seem to be on the ball with harass devices. ..glad I’m still with them as well as android

  19. CAN’T WAIT!!!…now let’s hope VZW doesn’t kill it with astronomical pricing plans

  20. jdog wrote on May 11, 2010

    You obviously miss the point. Remember “You can’t fix stupid.”

  21. What were they typing?? “Pie Chee”?

    Pie Cheers?
    Pie Cheese?
    Pie Cheerleaders?
    Pie Cheep Cheep?


  22. I think the pad thing is a fad…The only reason we saw APPLE sell a boatload is because….WHEN was the last time APPLE didn’t sell a boatload of anything….Fad FTW

    Visit to learn more!

  23. Very good news. Got to love competition and does anyone else realize how interesting it is that neither of these companies are into producing hardware? But they can sure leverage hardware companies.

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