Aug 3rd, 2010

Rumors have been swirling around for a while now concerning what has become known as the Google Tablet. We first heard word that Google was developing a slate-style device earlier in the year. The next round of information hinted that Verizon was working closely with Google on the development of the tablet. Most recently information surfaced that Motorola was gearing up to launch a big-branded tablet this fall on Verizon’s network. Whether or not this tablet is the same initially mentioned by Google remains to be seen, but the fact remains that a truly competitive Android tablet from the combined efforts of Google, Verizon, and Motorola is on the way.


What’s more, reports are now in that this same tablet will feature television playback heavily. The TV service portion is purportedly being handled by Verizon’s FiOS digital cable service, which Motorola provides the set-top boxes for. Will the flavor of Android built for this tablet feature more Google TV-like features? Will the tablet be geared towards directly interfacing with Google TV equipment? If I had to guess, and if Google and it’s manufacturing partners want to make a truly competitive tablet while simultaneously bolstering the value of Google TV, I would say we almost definitely will see this sort of integration.

The tablet will also feature at least Android 2.2 (but rumors are that it will actually feature Android 3.0), a 10-inch screen, and dual cameras for video conferencing and capturing high quality video. If you have been holding out on an Android tablet to knock one out of the park, you might wait it out and see what develops as more information on Motorola’s DroidPad surfaces.

[via Financial Times]

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