Android Edges Past iPhone in New Smartphone Subscriptions for Q2



Android’s market share continues to rise, and — according the latest smartphone penetration figures presented by Nielsen — for the first time Android has over-taken the iPhone in new subscriptions during the second quarter of 2010. While overall subscriptions have continued to grow with 25 percent of the mobile market now using a smartphone, Google’s Android again saw big growth, up to 13 percent overall share compared to Q1’s 9 percent. It was the largest growth for any smartphone platform.


In terms of subscriptions over the past month, Android has surpassed iPhone in new users, with 27 percent of smartphone subscribers going with Android compared to the iPhone’s 23 percent. RIM still holds the highest but steadily declining figure at 33 percent. It will be interesting to see the numbers for quarter three after the iPhone 4 and new Android phones from Motorola on Verizon have had a good chunk of time to stew.

[via Nielsen]

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  1. Awesome – that’s all I have to say.

  2. Brings a tear to my eye.

  3. Personally, I’m more surprised that there are still more Windows Mobile subscribers than Android subscribers … I don’t suppose that will last much longer, though.

  4. The title of this post is kind of misleading, it should be “Android surpasses iPhone in NEW subscriptions” since iOS still has a significant lead in total subscribers. I have little doubt that Android will eventually eak past iOS in device subscriptions, but this will probably take years.

  5. I no longer consider Blackberry to be a smart phone, even though I still own / use a Blackberry and have used Blackberry in the past decade.

    I put Blackberry in the same realm as the old RAZR.

  6. RIM is dieing

  7. I still have my lame iPhone, but come Friday
    I’m joining the android team!!
    It’s samsung captivate from now on!!

  8. What is more interesting is the top chart because it shows Apple hitting a brick wall with subscriptions for the previous 6 months. Please give us another update when Q3 is over so that we can get a good idea how well the iPhone supposedly did in comparison to other OS platforms.

  9. Wow I never knew Blackberry/ RIM were in control of that much of the market.
    I always liked my blackberry…But I love my Droid.

  10. @AL
    I’ve never had a lame iPhone, but I got a Samsung Captivate yesterday and am loving it.

  11. Heh….penetration figures…

  12. Everybody should email this to [email protected]


  13. These numbers are interesting, MOST of the Droid growth has come at the expense of Microsoft. Apple and Blackberry have remained somewhat stable as a percentage of subscribers.

    That said, 18-28 month for the Droid to hit 30% for all users. Remember people change out their phone every two years, so ON full cycle +/- for the Droid to dominate the market.

  14. @Fred
    I made my break with BB apps before there were any app stores but I have the same sentiments towards them. RIM just haven’t done anything good really since then, just the same 3 or 4 different phones with umpteen bazillion minor variations on each and i’ve seen nothing amazing in the API over the last 2 full version number changes. My work BB just sits in my bag and once in a while I remember to charge it (from dead) and that’s the only use it gets.

  15. This may be representative of how many WinMO phones were sold over it’s entire lifespan, but.. How many of them are still in use? I personally know of a number of people who have abandoned their WinMO phones and picked up Android and/or IOS ones. And yes, none of them have considered looking back.

  16. The number of total subscribers isn’t something Apple wants to boast about because eventually people want to buy new phones. I’m sure that all those 3G users who ‘upgraded’ to ios4 now want a new phone.

  17. Android will be number one platform within two years goodby Apple and Rim!

  18. BB won’t die off for quite a while. It’s currently too well entrenched as a secure device, so many governments and corporate users depend on that security.

  19. @Jdog, have always enjoyed your posts! BB has been dying since before the G1. BB has realized this & are about to release their latest touchscreen, slide keyboard with a different UI-still, it’ll be competitive, but probably not better than Android. As for security, encryption is there for Android-its the user’s. Choice to utilize it.


  21. I could swear I just heard the sound of an iHole passing some wind…

  22. @Shiney McShine

    I hope Steve Jobs hires you as the spokesperson, your validation for Iphones dominance is the epitome of why I believe the majority of Iphone users are what’s wrong with my country, and or any english speaking nation. Your use of capitalization and metaphors accuractely conveys my argument. Bravo.

  23. Did someone say that RIM is dying?
    That’d be joke of the day. Nothing can replace BBs yet, unless you are in UAE or Saudi Arabia.
    Anyway, when windows based phone users switch over to android in the next 12 months, it would put android very close to the lead against iphone and blackberry. There would be no looking back from that point.

  24. I am an Adroid user (still have T-mobile G1 with Cyanogenmod). But I don’t want iPhone, Win Phone 7, RIM, Symbian, WebOS platforms to be soundly defeated by Android. Only healthy competition between these platform would spur further innovation.

  25. People, I hope you don’t forget, this numbers show only the rather limited US market. If one looks at the world’s total, the above graphs are pretty meaningless :-)

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