Samsung YP-MB2 Clearly Pictured, Galaxy S Goes White



Here is a double-dose of Samsung Galaxy S related news. First we have a clear shot of the personal media device, the YP-MB2, looking as expected similar to the phone-enabled Galaxy S. We are fairly confident this thing will get branded into the Galaxy family of Samsung Android devices once it gets officially announced. From the image we can take away a lack of front-facing camera and other sensors found on the call-making Galaxy S. We should be hearing more about this and the Galaxy Tab at an event being held on August 11th.


And speaking of variations on the Galaxy S theme, it looks like Samsung’s flagship Android will get the white color scheme treatment (hey, it already takes so many visual cues from the iPhone, why not one more). It looks like the “Samsung Galaxy S Blanco” will be an exclusive for Spanish carrier The Phone House. The availability will most likely spread around Europe after its initial release in Spain. There is no word when the white Galaxy S will hit The Phone House at the price of 499 euros, however.

[via UnwiredView, SamsungHub]

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  1. Please be available in the US. Please

  2. So iphoney!

  3. The Vibrant is a fantastic phone with one of the best looking screens out there…but I hate that it’s trying to look so much like the iPhone.

  4. doesnt matter to me that it looks like the iphone the performance is what matters and soo far i’ve had no complaints

  5. hmm the white one is out before the white iphone4 :)

  6. Oh yeah because apple invented white faces right? that was extremely stupid comment kevin krause. Another thing to note is that apple used white for the back cover and not the front face and the white iPhone 4 hasn’t even released yet. So how is that another visual cue off apple?

  7. i i just returned mine over the weekend because of the GPS issues.

  8. @2FR35H
    It is difficult not to draw comparisons when their Touch Wiz interface is already so.. reminiscent of Apple’s.

  9. Looks like an Apple rip off. Typical asian thinking..if you can’t think of something yourself…copy something American and try and under cut them. Hooray!

  10. the phone house in sweden is a shop with unlocked phones, not a carrier

  11. What’s so ‘American’ about a foxconn-produced iPhone?

  12. Foxconn just builds it. Ripping off Fox would imply they are ripping off a manufacturing technique. The iPhone is American as is its design. Your comment is denied.

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