AndroLib Says Market Could Hit 100,000 Apps by the End of July

If AndroLib’s data is accurate, then we can say that the Android market has just surpassed the 90,000 mark. Over 8,000 new apps (quality not being counted here, of course) have already been added this month and it’s only July 12th. If the trend continues (as the chart below illustrates) we could be seeing that number hit six digits by the time August rolls around.

It wasn’t but nearly a month ago that we learned the Android market had reached 65,000 apps to date. I probably wouldn’t have believed them if Google told everyone that the market could gain another 35,000 before this annoying heat wave passed us by.¬†Even if only a good handful of these apps are truly worth the time, the long term benefits of attracting more developers cut from a bigger (and better) cloth will be worth the mess that the market seems to be becoming.

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  • Richy

    I ignore market number stats entirely – go have a look at “Just in” in Arcade & Action free games and tell me that you honestly dont think spammer apps have been having a ~1000% month-on-month increase within the few months or so.

    I agree with your view of the market becoming a mess – it’s in absolute rag order. So much so that I can’t remember the last time I “just had a browse”. Unless i read about an app on a website on a PC, im probably not going to find it!

  • BrianH

    Who cares how many apps there are? How many quality apps are there that we will use? Like the iPhone bragging about how many apps there are. My wife has had an iphone for 2 years (including a new one) and only has about 5 apps she had downloaded.

  • Mark

    it is all about marketing and google wants Android market to have more number than Apple AppStore. Everybody knows most of the apps on both stores are crappy anyway and that there are hardly a few hundred or so useful apps on both systems.

  • Inspiron41

    as much as i want to say i dont care about the big numbers, it does help being attention to the android market. There’s a lot of big name apps for the iphone that are slowly developing their own android app and/or improving the UI.

  • Gerg

    Period. There you can “just have a browse” of apps without being pummeled by crap.

  • Julian

    I would say for every useful app you find on the android market. There are at least 3 on the apple app store that do the job just as good or better. This is with the exception of some apps that are exclusive to android right now because the iphone is only just now getting the hardware to do things that layar and google sky maps can do. And while yes, there may be 25 apps with the same functionality in the apple app store, 10 of them would be good, with a couple being extremely good. There would probably be 10 in the android app market, with nine having bad functionality and one that works quite well but is full of ads with no paid version.

  • WTF?!

    Hey, Girl..ur on the wrong site. Steve Jobs, went that way.

  • Jini

    Android must be doing something good if Apple supporters are getting worried enough to leave comments on Android sites. Not long ago, such an article would have been brushed aside by the same people as rubbish.

  • XanaduL

    So who thinks that apple should make a marketing team for outsourcing to other companies, hats off for constantly reboxing a pile of crap and convincing the masses that THIS pile of crap is new and exciting! High five Steve Jobs

  • Bryan

    LOL! Psst..Hey buddy, I know where you can get one of those iPhuk 4-real cheap..

  • ari-free

    the iphone is only just now getting the hardware to actually make phone calls…oh wait. Nope, sorry!

  • Androidess

    Lol! & not even a year ago, the ability to text pics..well, kind of. Yawn.

  • Phoenix

    Jini, you have to remember what Mahatma Ghandi said:
    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  • Jini

    Well said Phoenix. I believe the android wagon has moved from the 3rd stop and is close to the final destination.

  • Kalisker

    Facts show that the amount of data traffic for android>iphone in america. The battle is almost over for apple.