Google Searches On Your Phone May Bring Up App Suggestions Now

Google’s gone another step further in making the Android market better by enabling mobile search results to show Android apps, if they’re relevant. I tested it out by running a search for “Twitter apps” and sure enough it pulled up the popular Twitter client Swift. At a glance, I was able to see who made the app, its rating in the market, and how many people were responsible for its rating.


Clicking on the app’s name takes you to its entry in the market, or you can click “More Android app results” to be taken to the Android market with your search query. I should note that searching “Twitter”, “Twitter for Android”, or “download Twitter” didn’t bring this option up, so perhaps there’s some tweaking yet to be done. Still, it’s a great move by Google to forward a bit of extra traffic to the Android market. Kudos is in order, I say.

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  • Jaestoner01


  • anon

    Hmm, maybe. I’m thinking of turning off Google Suggest on my Nexus because it screws up my typing into the keyboard too much.

  • lolobabes

    well we wont be needing the market app shorcut then, ahihihi

  • OMG Android Application Tips

    Thats quite a goos idea.

    They should put it on iPhone Google Search lol