doubleTwist Launches An Android App


As they continue their efforts on the desktop front to make it easier for users to control the media on their Android phones, doubleTwist has taken a sharp turn around the hairpin and launched a companion app for Android. By searching the Android market for “doubleTwist” right now, you can find one of the best media players you’re bound to get for some time.

While I certainly don’t mind Android’s default media features, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Users have since turned to third party solutions such as the app “Three”, while others have all but given up on using their devices for music (features such as an equalizer setting really are missed by a majority of audiophiles).


The one thing that doubleTwist does differently, though, is that it brings that iPod/iPhone/iTunes experience that we’ve all been admittedly longing for to Android. The app interfaces directly with the Windows and Mac applications allowing you to sync movies, pictures, and music to your device and play it in a player worthy of handling all of those files. After downloading the app out of sheer interest, I must say I’m quite impressed.

A widget would be a welcome addition – even the stock music player offers one, albeit not the best solution – but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of doubleTwist in the market. Check it out now and see if it won’t replace whatever solution you’re using now for music.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. But does it scrobble?

  2. Interesting…I’m about to get the EVO 4G on Friday, it’ll be my first android phone. I’m wondering if this is better than the Sense media player.

  3. Just downloaded it. Seems nice but as of now it just seems to be a skinned version of the stock media player with a few additions. This is definitely a media player to watch but I think ill stick with tune wiki for now.

  4. “Free for a limited time”? Now that’s no fun.

  5. This sounds great! But as of 6/2/2010 @ 8pm PST, there is no ‘doubleTwist’ app in the Android Market, at least not for my Moto Cliq. It works pretty well on my Mac though.

  6. My music is already on my Motorola Droid, but the App wont find the music files. Any advice – there’s nothing on doubleTwist’s website for it yet.

  7. I paid 99 cents a few months ago for this. How is “free for a limited time” something to complain about?

  8. played with it for 2 minutes. immediately made it my go to player. needs a widget but overall great app. better than 3 and real player, just my opinion.

  9. No widget means it’s a no-go for me. Honestly, what media player app doesn’t have a widget, even if it’s a lousy one? Nope, I’m sticking with Meridian, a clean, fast, no-nonsense media player. It’s free, but costs $2.99 if you want a couple extra features, like a large widget with album art (which I bought). Used Mixzing for a while, but was sick and tired of it complaining that the privacy-violating rating system was disabled. Something tells me it wouldn’t have been able to make any sense of my large collection of foreign music anyway. Meridian just does one thing, and that’s play media well.

  10. Its barely nicer, and slower than the stock app. No widget or landscape, either.

    Doubletwist syncing is also slow. iTunes users should be using iSyncr.

    Nice try, but next.

  11. Hate to say it, but I know iTunes and doubletwist ain’t no iTunes.

  12. Another useless player because you cannot setup folders that contain music / video files – it again takes all media on the card incl. things like voice files for your navigation and any sound files for any software you have on your phone. This “feature” is one of the most ridiculous on Android. Currently the only player I found that lets you choose folders with music is MixZing…

  13. @Martin: if you put a file called ” .nomedia” in those folders w/voice or whatever then the archived will ignore it. Works with stock and mixzing.

  14. I never understood why anyone would miss the ipod/itunes experience, not to mention try to copy it…

  15. Can´t download it on my Hero :(

  16. @Martin – have a look here on how to stop ALL music/video appearing in gallery/music:

  17. fucking hell!! android is LINUX! I want linux support, not windows and mac…

  18. I don’t mind the stock Android music app, I feel like the sound quality is similar to iPod, but I WOULD love for someone to put together a simple app that includes an EQ. One setting fits all is so 20 years ago for music players. I’ve tried most of the major Market media players and they all have at least one flaw that kills them for me, so I go back to stock. Sigh.

  19. not showing up on my cliq xt which sucks

  20. cubed is better (and open source!)

    im selling my fu**in iTouch btw – prolly going for a cowon player, but cubed on my desire should work for some time

  21. I really like doubleTwist. I have been using it for a long time now on my Mac with my Blackberry before they released the desktop client. I think this is a fine addition to the Android community and will help further it’s position towards media phone market dominance.

  22. @Martin
    I don’t know if it works for this app but if you put a blank file named .nomedia in a folder then the files shouldn’t show up in most media players.

  23. @chomsky1 +1 million for an EQ!!! Come on!

  24. It works on my Tattoo and it looks very nice.

  25. Yet another app that I can’t download, HTC Hero stuck on 1.5 forever

  26. Not showing up on my Hero. As if I wasn’t already hanging out for HTC to update the software!

  27. no, its worse than the stock media player. not even a “shuffle” – i keep pressing the menu button hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but nothing

  28. er, my bad, you have to start playing a song first before you get the shuffle/repeat options. sorry

  29. Does it play Apple Lossless files on the Android? My entire CD collection is encoded in Apple Lossless.

    As for iPods; best in the business, not even close. The more Android can approximate iPod/iTunes, the better. I’m NOT an apple-fanboy, but the iTunes model works best to manage and maintain music. Not only the files themselves, but in synching with my iPod.

    What I hate is the division in systems. FLAC isn’t viable, in terms of managing 20k songs of lossless music.

  30. @Mark Gjøl

    Exactly! iTunes is a surprisingly useless, buggy bit of bloatware. Anyone with a passion for music (or digital movies) will have found infinitely better media collection manager and player.

    Remember the only reason people use iTunes is because it’s the only software that Apple let you use for their hardware and most people have owned an ipod.

  31. Well, I dont use iTunes so this is really just a nicer skin for the stock android app, missing the playlist song reordering feature.
    So …. the UI is great but I dont think I will sacrifice the song reordering just for nicer gfx…

  32. @Martin Try Mortplayer. It also has a widget you can download. It takes a few minutes after a reboot or usb disconnect to read the files, but works awesome.

  33. ^ Mortplayer is a folder based player.

    Does doubleTwist allow playlist creation? That is one big thing I have been wanting to do easily.

  34. I don’t see the big deal with widgets; they don’t make an app. Widgets take up too much space. I’m very interested in this app; thanks for sharing.

  35. “features such as an equalizer setting really are missed by a majority of audiophiles”

    Few audiophiles would care about an equalizer. This is why most high end equipment do not come with any. Few have bass-treble controls, which are always defeat-able.

    It is rather difficult to get amazing sound along with good battery-life and cheap components. Ipods are pretty much the best you can get, and even those deliver no high-end sound. I would worry about the interface and user-friendliness more than the sound quality.

  36. Why is everyone complaining HTC hero 1.5 its already been updated to 2.1 learn to stay on top of things I already have had it for for 2 to 3 weeks

  37. I think it has potential.. and I think the thing people are forgetting here is that DT has the resources to make this into THE player for Android if they so wish. Most if not all other players are written by one man teams and you can tell. Give it some time.

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