PTPT Shows Us Their Unique Android UI Skin

PTPT (spoken as petite petite) is a full-blown Android UI being developed by German software startup ExB. The interface reminds me a little bit of recent takes on future touchscreen computers seen in Sci Fi flicks. Items are dragged around or dropped onto each other to create interactions or reveal more info.


Divided into three main categories — people, places, and things — the user can interact with items by dropping them on a timeline or combining them. For instance, dropping the e-mail “thing” item into the timeline followed by dropping a contact’s “people” item will automatically sort the e-mail list to only correspondences involving that person.

The UI is designed to collect data in real time to update different items, such as adding a new e-mail contact to your “people” or learning commonly used words for its cloud-tag-style keyboard. More commonly used words appear in a list for one touch entry, or users can enter text via a standard QWERTY or through writing letters and words directly on the screen.

It’s not the most immediately recognizable Android UI, but perhaps that is what makes it so intriguing. The contact and messaging portions seem excellently handled, but accessing and running apps via PTPT may be a bit less intuitive. On screen widgets can be added, however, which does provide developers with some cool opportunities to use PTPT’s drag-and-drop item sorting functions. ExB is apparently in talks with some hardware manufacturers already, but we aren’t sure when the first devices using this UI will drop.

Check it out in action in Engadget’s hands-on video:

[via Engadget]

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  • Matrix

    I liked when he said “…maybe the system also knows you already.” Sort of creepy, but sort of cool. :D

  • Son

    kinda looks like windows surface a bit

  • OMG Android Application Tips

    Looks interesting.

  • msgnyc

    Why does it say “Windows Mobile” bottom right of the lcd?

  • Ramin Assadollahi

    thanks for the article, the report is really accurate.
    you can actually buy the cloudbased text entry at android market, just search for exb.
    there’s a brand new video by robert scoble a couple of hours ago:

    see the youtube channel for more details.
    thanks, ramin from exb / ptpt

  • subz

    text input = win.

  • Geffá Felipe

    This reminds me of an old Mozilla project. Can’t remember the name right now.

  • karl

    what tablet is that?