Has Google TV Renewed Faith in Flash?


The New York Post is reporting that some bigger names in media have decided to stick with Adobe’s Flash for the time being, including Time Warner and NBC Universal. This occurs just when Steve Jobs, his epic Flash Bash (TM) agenda, and the iPad seemed to be convincing more and more media conglomerates to switch to HTML5. Well at least a few key players are saying “No thanks,” citing the expenses and workload that converting their backlog of content would create.

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Aside from the costs, companies like NBC and Time Warner may see the endeavor as futile based on the recent surge in Flash support from Google. Aside from Flash 10.1 enabling a full Flash experience on Android 2.2 mobile devices, Adobe is throwing a lot of weight behind Google TV, which seems to be the first television/internet hybrid to actually get people excited (and for good reason).

The market for Flash content isn’t shrinking anytime soon thanks to products like Google TV, despite what Apple wants us to believe and the inherent drawbacks to Flash in general. We get it, Flash probably isn’t the most efficient way to handle certain content, but it is deeply built into the current internet architecture and as long as people have access to it and continue to use it, the big media companies won’t need to fear losing traffic to HTML5.

It is still a given that Flash will be phased out slowly but surely. Certain Time Warner brands such as CNN have already begun to make the switch. How long companies like NBC hold out on HTML5 is yet to be seen.

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  1. They’ll all move to HTML 5 eventually because that will become the web. It just won’t be at Apple’s demand. I think Apple bit off more than it can chew with that whole drop Flash now thing. Google is giving them a way to get their media on mobile devices today while the prepare for whats coming tomorrow. When GoogleTV and the more upscale Android tablets drop (I think this Verizon/Google tablet will be another catalyst like the N1) Apple could end up in some trouble with trying to show they have more content.

  2. i think people are forgetting that Google is one of the most aggressive innovators of HTML5. They put a lot of research and time behind it to enhance its features. they know it will be a HUGE part of the future of the web. however, its not advanced enough yet, and Apple only wants to push it for its own business sake, but the reality is flash is still very important and usable for many people/companies

  3. This makes me sad. I love Android, but I hate Flash. Well more accurately, I hate Adobe, almost as much as I hate Apple

  4. As someone who has had a linux box hooked to his tv via hdmi for two years now I can say that this is good. Anything that kills silverlight is fine by me.

  5. Steve Jobs brain washed a lot of ignorant people (mac users mainly) into thinking HTML5 is here already, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. HTML5 is still in early development, and it’ll be 4-5 years before it’s as common as Flash on the internet.

  6. Another agreement on both comments above. – There’s no disputing that HTML5 will Eventually become the standard, but that’s years away. Until that day does come, why cripple or restrict a company’s flagship products? If Flash is sooo detrimental to your line of product, then you may need to take another look at the underlying the Products! The only possible real intent there is to bolster that company’s own bottom line and Attempt to make the industry & public go “your” way. ~ The “it just works”, may become, “I just wish it worked on ALL content.”

  7. Mac users don’t follow everything Jobs says… We just don’t like Windows.

  8. @OMG.. it’s not about which computer OS anyone prefers. This is more about forcing people & businesses to follow one company’s own personal agenda, and then blaming another source for its own inherent problems.

  9. Where are some of you getting the idea that HTML 5 is years down the road? It will pretty much be ready for use by the end of this year. The only thing that can hold it back is users not having compatible browsers. Well thats coming to an end with Chrome, FF, Opera, IE and Safari all having support. And I believe MS has come up with some sort of way they are going to force people onto their latest browsers. Maybe the finalized spec is years down the road but I believe we’ll be seeing HTML 5 in use well before then.

    @Steve – Amen…to hell with Silverlight….and Moonlight/Mono too.

  10. What is all this HTML5 hype? Where’s XHTML? HTML was supposed to die a long time ago!

  11. hey Phil.. quoting, “There’s no disputing that HTML5 will Eventually become the standard, but that’s years away.” is all we’re saying ~ Keyword: “standard”. Nothing about it’s not available now, so chill.

  12. HTML5 is not going to take over because it lacks DRM technology. If NBC or whoever uses HTML5 for video then the user will be able to download and keep the video forever.

    Steve Jobs is angry at Adobe because Flash runs like crap on Macs, but good on PCs. Thus, Adobe has given Microsoft the edge over Apple and Steve Jobs has no control over it. This is really what the HTML5/Flash debate is about. Apple doesn’t even use HTML5 video on their websites, they use their own proprietary QuickTime plugin.

    Flash or Silverlight has DRM capabilities, unlike HTML5. Don’t expect HTML5 to be a game changer, maybe HTML6 tho.

  13. If Android continues to grow at it’s current rate, they’ll manage to open the floodgates for Adobe Flash into the mobile market and that will be the end of Apple’s little ideology. There’s no sense just yet for these giant companies to play ‘Steve says’. They’re holding back to see how things shape up after the dust settles.

    Apple’s motive for barring Flash from their mobile devices is purely strategic; The three areas where Flash excels, is video, advertising and web applications, all of which Apple is frantically trying to dominate. Apple could lose out in the long run.

    Most people are uneducated about Flash as a technology which itself is not only about video and advertising. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. All you need to do is visit The FWA website to see that some of the best and most progressive web design has been built using largely Flash technology.

    The future of the web is rich media, and open standards have a very long way to go before they catch up with what Flash has achieved in the last 10 years.

  14. Comcast recently introduced push email notifications for voicemail messages left on its phones. The email message can be sent to your mobile phone and gives you a link to open in order to hear your message on your mobile phone. The problem is that in order to listen to the message, you must have Quicktime installed, a proprietary Apple product. Apple does not make a Quicktime application for Android, and is not about to develope one for its IPHONE competitor.

    So, Comcast’s only customers able to listen to its voicemail on mobile phones are the Apple’s I-PHONE owners; the others such as Android and Blackberry users must wait till there’s an app for them; and they have ben waiting for months now.

    Comcast’s easy solution is to change its voicemail playback software from Quicktime to mp3 as Google uses for its voicemail; then anyone with a mobile phone could get their voicemail Apple and Android, Blackberry and others.

    Why hasn’t Comcast choosen to do so? It doesn’t say why.

    I suspect there is an Apple-spy at Comcast planted to promote Apple products in any way it can; or perhaps its worse than that. Maybe there is an illegal tie-in between Comcast and Apple to promote each other in preference to its competitors. If this is the case, perhaps the FTC or the U.S. Department of Justice antitrust division should find out the reason.

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