Facebook Launches Android SDK


Amid an apparent meltdown in the Facebook for Android app, the official Android SDK has been launched in beta for developers to use at their disposal. Up until now developers have had to rig up interface solutions through the iPhone SDK, but the official support should now make it easy to create Facebook tie-ins across apps.


First demoed last week at Google I/O, the Android SDK will bring advanced functionality to Android developers over what is currently available for the iPhone, including access to Facebook’s recently announced Graph API. Users will be protected with the strong authorization of OAuth 2.0, and will be able to publish stories from apps directly to their News Feed using Feed forms.

Is this a sign that Facebook is starting to get their Android ducks in a row? We sure hope so. Maybe ex-Android Team member Erick Tseng is making some good moves there already.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Jeez i hope this means big things for what is now a pathetic facebook app

  2. This should be good.
    We love facebook lol

  3. Just wish to reiterate what many, including myself, have said many times – you guys are rocking. Phandroid improved so much after you chappies got involved – not hating on Rob, but there’s too much news out there for one guy. The site’s really improved, and it’s rare to see, because the typically circumstance is that when websites change, the users bitch and moan.

  4. About damn time… The facebook app has been lacking and riddled with bugs for some time. Let’s hope this helps out!

  5. Now let’s see how long it takes to get the current fubared app running without those wonderful NULL errors. After that the rest is just icing on the cake now that the SDK is out there.

  6. I have 3 diffrent Facebook. Apps installed on my G1 and even then I receive no notifications, the Facebook Gods have answered my prayers…I think.

  7. remember when facebook was just a way to reconnect with everyone you knew from college?

  8. I’m a college student so I heavily use Facebook and it makes me excited to read this article. There’s great potential now so i cant wait to see. I just hope this gets done fast because use Facebook for Android users have been on the short end of the stick for a long time now

  9. Maybe one day we’ll be able to upload a video from the Droid Motorola to FB.

  10. So is it safe to assume that after this fix we’ll get notifications like blackberry users get?

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