Motorola Shadow to be Renamed Droid Extreme at Launch? [RUMOR]


We received word from an untested source that upon launch the Motorola Shadow will be rebranded as the Droid Extreme. Normally I’d file this as rumor and move on, but this isn’t the first time the “Extreme” name has been drawn to my attention. A tipster had previously mentioned that an upcoming Motorola device for Verizon would be called the “Xtreme,” but they weren’t sure if it would be its own device or the eventual street name for the Shadow. Take this as a big rumor with a heaping side of speculation, but it isn’t unprecedented. While the HTC Incredible didn’t have a complete name change, the Droid moniker was added pretty late in the game.


Along with this bit of info about the name, we are hearing that the phone could be ready for launch in as little as a month. While I’ll say that seems a bit soon, it certainly lines up just fine with the rumors we have heard about a July or August release.


And just to clarify in case there has been any confusion, the Motorola Shadow and and Droid 2 are definitely not the same phone. The Droid 2 will be a slight refresh of the Droid we all know and love that most likely incorporates some of the internals from the Shadow for a beefed up experience. It is looking like the exterior may remain identical to the original Droid barring some slight cosmetic changes or (fingers crossed) an improved physical keyboard.

I’d speculate the Droid Shadow/Extreme/Xtreme and Droid 2 will most likely launch around the same time, with the Droid 2 coming in at a more bargain price compared to the higher-end Shadow. Again take all of this as a big rumor for now, but don’t be surprised if we start hearing whispers of the name change.

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  1. It seems pretty likely that the VZW marketing team will keep up with the Droid ______ naming scheme for its flagship Android phones. They’ve spent millions of dollars getting the Droid name out there, the different phones now just become different years of the same model (to borrow from the auto industry). By naming them all the same, you familiarize the customer while getting the cost savings of a single campaign. Also, this somewhat solves the Android cannibalization issue.

  2. I sure wish the word “extreme” would not be used. What’s the next one gunna be? The Droid Ulta-Extreme followed by the Droid Ulta-Uber-Extreme? Leave it at Droid Shadow.

  3. I’ll bite. Call me interested. I got the Incredible on launch day, but I need to add another device for my son. I might consider giving my son the Incredible if this device launches in the next couple of months. The only (and significant) hurdle is MotoBlur. Hopefully they’ve updated the UI, because the current experience is a train wreck.

    Remember the whole six devices in six weeks thing? I guess Kin 1 & 2 count as two different phones. The Incredible makes three. The LG Ally is going to drop soon (4). I guess the BB Bold makes five. Did I miss something?

  4. Damn you untested source you beat me too it, I can confirm this as well!!! Droid Extreme is the next best thing.

  5. Yeah… whatever they call this thing, MOTOBLUR has to go.

  6. I like Droid Shadow better. Sounds mysterious. Goes with their whole stealth bomber thing.

  7. Verizon should have never used Droid in the name at all. I think it just confuses people.

    Droid Eris
    Droid Shadow/Xtreme
    Droid II

    They should have just kept the names unique. Shadow, Eris, etc. Leave off the “DROID” part.

  8. @matthewdlyons: How old is your son? The LG Ally looks like a good phone, especially for a kid. I personally don’t send a lot of texts, so a physical keyboard just takes up space for me that could go toward thinness or more horsepower. Kids love their texting though. If you decide to keep the Incredible, that might be a good choice for him.

  9. What about GSM version??

  10. All in all even if it launches with motoblur I will be seeking a root and using a custom rom. That’s if there is enough developers from the forum community who get this device.

  11. Rumors, yeah I love posts about rumors. I saw Elvis today and guess what he was using? A DROID SHADOW running Android 5.3 OS. He said we should all ‘take care of business’ ;)

  12. ‘Droid Shadow’ is mysterious, romantic. Yet, sounds powerful. Keep the current name, Motorola Droid Shadow.

  13. Coming soon, the Droid Unique. Followed by the Droid Unique II, and then the Droid Unique Ultimate. Superlative FAIL.

  14. Is it just me or does this phone look hella FAT!

  15. Here’s a good look at the comp version of the phone. http://zandog.deviantart.com/#/d2qiuix

  16. FWIW, the sales guy at my local VZW store pushed me hard today to buy a Moto Droid if I want a kb. No point in waiting for the next one he says, because that the “Shadow” will not have a kb, and it alone is the rumored Droid 2 coming to VZW. Moto might well be manufacturing 2 versions, VZW is opting not to get a kb model. Thus sayeth the salesman who might well just want to unload his existing stock.


  18. Droid (v)2.0 sounds good to me

  19. Motorola shadow = droid extreme
    Droid v2 = droid pro.

  20. My 2 cents?
    This will have the same relationship with Droid 2 as the X720 (aka Motoroi, v1) had with Droid. Same specifics, similar design, (hopefully) Motoblur on one, Vanilla on the other

  21. mmm some new pics here of the xtreme: http://briefmobile.com/more-droid-xtreme-pictures-leaked

    not even called shadow anymore. at all.

  22. This is going to be a monster phone !!! Evo life at the top will be very short lived

  23. I think the name should be the Machine. What does everyone think? That sounds better for the scissors for the Droid.

  24. It’s Droid X for those who haven’t read or seen yet

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