Google Acquires AdMob, Finally



After much fuss from the FTC, Google’s acquisition of AdMob was finally given the OK. Without too much left to say on the matter, Google has made the deal official today. Well Google did have a bit to say about the matter, but as an end-user it’s always hard to get excited about more advertisements. Now all that is left is to sit back and watch as Google and AdMob battle Apple’s iAds, kind of like Beowulf and the dragon. Or maybe Grendel’s mother. I’ll let you decide which is which.

[via Google]

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  1. not many comments eh. well im just glad this went through. the last thing we need is apple having their way in the ad business also. and i think google will deliver a better experience for everyone.

  2. I agree with boxy.
    Also, better ads theoretically means more free apps.
    So, not complaining :)

  3. grendels mother fosho…


  4. booo we dont want adds on r phones … fbomb .. that news lol

  5. please. have you realized how unobstrusive those ads are. barely a bother.

    would you rather pay $1 for an awesome app you love ?

    or have it for free? with a barely noticeable ad?

    if ad bothers you so much, then pay the dollar the app costs, lol. not that big of a deal, Go Google !

  6. I just want go say hell yeah and that I am glad to be apart of Google y0

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