Will this 14MP Monster Come with Android On Board?



Now if this isn’t the biggest lens I’ve ever seen on a cell phone, well then I probably haven’t seen enough cell phones, but the Altek Leo boasts a 14MP camera with 3X zoom. And a real big lens. At first I thought this was simply a digital camera, but sure enough it’s a smartphone. A smartphone with a familiar set of four keys that hint at Android as the on-board OS, though no official announcement in regards to that has been made.


It also has HD video recording, Xenon and LED flashes, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. More should be coming out about this one at CommunicAsias 2010.

[GSM Arena via Gizmodo]

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  1. wow, pretty sweet

  2. At what point does hardware officially become ridiculous? :) It’s pretty cool though.

  3. …14MP?! holy shit, toss out your camera at home and just keep your cell.

  4. the battery standby time must be all of 60 minutes

  5. it seems outrageous, but maybe this is what technology needs. maybe specialized devices need to come back!

  6. 14mp on such a small sensor is a waste. For example and contrast, Canon recently downgraded the megapixel count on it’s flagship point-and-shot camera, the G11, from 14.7 to 10MP so as to cut down on significant noise in low light. There’s nothing wrong with the intent of putting good glass on a device, though I fear that it’s just not practical–in terms of portability and
    “pocketibility.” This obsession with high megapixel (numbers) on small camera sensors is getting ridiculous, and plays on most people thinking a bigger number is better.

  7. Thats massive… Imagine taking pictures with that.

  8. I’m with matthewdlyons on this one. Bigger MP doesn’t mean better camera!!

  9. I have to agree with matthewdlyons. They should rather put decent 8-10 MP in it than cramped 14MP.

  10. there’s the smartphone that happens to have a decent camera and then there’s the smart camera that happens to have a decent phone!

  11. I just said to my brother the other day. I don’t want a phone with a camera on it, I want a camera with a phone on it. Bingo.

  12. The camera almost looks like it was photoshopped. It just doesn’t look right. Maybe it’s just the perspective though.

  13. To those who are bashing the camera… It’s true that more pixels does not automatically make for better images. However, more pixels coupled with that sweet lens, flash, and (I’m assuming) a nice big sensor should make for a lot better images. *That’s* what has me excited!

  14. It’s real but if it does come out it will be in China, only chinese will release this, I always wanted the best camera/video rec and the best phone too, if i were to built my own phone it would have to be something like this, I mean who needs a camera when u have ur phone w the best camera lens, ofcoarse that would mean this device will be way over $1000 and whose willing to pay that price? Well I would but it would have to be the best phone i have ever seen, with a large high res display, hd recording, multi-touch w pressure sense (that detects how hard u touch the phone), multiple video conferencing calling, bluetooth 2.1 with ad2p and EDR, qwerty board thats changes as u use it (backlight changes colors to fit the way u dress), 12mp (its enough), HD 1080 recording ofcoarse, wifi media sharing, 100 thousand apps at release date, true handwriting recognition, 4.3 inch high 1020×800 screen, hdmi output for hd tv media sharing, wimax, 4G and so much more

  15. iKarlos, don’t forget a GPS for geotagging.

  16. Hopefully verizon gets this

  17. Good God, that’s more than my Canon 5D. Agreed more MP doesn’t mean better camera (especially on a tiny sensor), but companies know MP sells.

  18. The point of having a camera phone is the ability to send pictures from the phone. What recipient would be capable of receiving a picture that large. I have to reduce the quality on my 5mp HTC Hero pictures otherwise they’re too big to send. WTF?

  19. I’d call this a good camera with an awesome phone feature…?

  20. Did anyone see the 8mp Droid Incredible vs. the 5mp Nexus One comparison. If you did you’ll see how overrated mp’s are. But then again, higher mp’s still seems to sell better, because of most peoples lack of knowledge in this area.

  21. Facebook will still downgrade your uploads.. so what a waste this would be ;)

  22. I’m surprised this doesn’t have 3 lenses…just to show they can.

  23. I was just thinking about how it would be nice to have a retractable lens on a camera phone.

  24. So, are we saying size really does matter? If you really need (not just want) a 10mp or larger camera, you probably aren’t interested in using your phone, you are probably either a pro photog or a serious amateur. The way most people use the cameras on their cells, 5 mp is really more than they need. I don’t think many pro photogs want to answer phone calls with their cameras. This will go to those people who are willing to spend too much just to have the biggest of something, like most of the people who read this blog.

  25. @Phoenix
    It’s not photoshopped because it is a computer generated image.

  26. I’m just waiting to see what LG come up with. The old Viewty KU990 had an 8MP and 120fps and was a good camera on an ok phone. Now if they can get a good camera 8pm+ with android then thats what I want. tramping round on holiday recently with a Hero and a camera was a pain!

  27. like to knwo the price the mobile in pune . plece replai

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