Project Emerald Could be New Android-Powered Sidekick


All the hubbub about T-Mobile’s so-called “Project Emerald” was leaning towards the code name having something to do with the Samsung Galaxy S, but new reports over at TmoNews are suggesting that the phone in question would actually be HTC-made. In fact, the phone in question would be dubbed the “Sidekick Twist.” The new Sidekick would be an Android 2.1 device with a 1GHz processor, front-facing camera, and 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen. You’d also get 16GB of built-in storage.


Those are some pretty impressive specs for a Sidekick, if you ask me. Is TMo looking to get that brand prominently back out in its line? For the longest time it seemed anyone I knew who was on T-Mobile was exclusively because of the Sidekick, which was the relatively short-lived precursor to the social-networking smartphone heavies we see today. Definitely a big brand for the carrier, and one that could see some real life with Android.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. If this turns out to be real then I need T-Mobile to start expanding so I can get decent coverage.

  2. if the specs are true.. i will be getting this phone! but a sidekick? why call it that!! never had one before. but that was because it look like a handheld video game. so i dont know how they going to pull this one off with a 4.3inch screen. but they need to hurry the hell up on letting us know something!!!

  3. How credible is this rumor? TmoNews is usually on point with rumors, but this phone sounds too good to be true.

  4. Didn’t Microsoft purchase sidekick last year? I don’t see how there would be an android sidekick unless t-mobile somehow owns the name and Microsoft owns the tech.

  5. Seriously, worst rumor ever — why would Microsoft release a device running Android? It’d be FAR more likely to see a Sidekick branded device running the software of the Kin that just came out (or Windows Phone 7 for that matter).

    Microsoft releasing a Sidekick device running Android would be the same as if someone told you the next iPhone was running Android 2.2.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Microsoft only bought out Danger, Inc. T-Mobile has owned and still owns the Sidekick trademark which they simply applied to a line of Danger-made devices. T-Mobile could slap the Sidekick brand on any device it wanted to.

  6. @Kevin, you are correct. TMo owns the Sidekick name, Microsoft owns Danger, who manufactured the hardware (and I believe they called it a “HipTop”). I see this as a way to get more users on Android, as many people will buy this simply because it’s a Sidekick and don’t care what OS it’s running, while those already familiar with Android will buy it because of the specs (physical keyboard). Win-Win for TMo. Too bad this rumor didn’t break before I placed my pre-order for the EVO 4G, I might have waited it out until an official TMo announcement before making my decision. Oh well, still looking forward to June 4th.

  7. @Kevin Krause
    I believe you are right. if this is the case i might have to hink about getting this phone. I owned the sidekick lx and i loved it, the keyboard was the main reason i bought it in the first place. trust me no other phone can touch the sidekicks keyboard it was awsome. Couple of questions though, will it have the same ui as the original(hope not)? will it be a sidekick with google branding? and when will it be upgraded to 2.2?

  8. Still waiting to see this one unravel. I had a sidekick before I got my G1 and I did like it but the one thing that was a big problem for me was you couldn’t customize or hack anything pretty much. Themes were like the only thing you could touch and that was just too dull so I moved on to WinMo to get my fix.

    Now to hear that there might be a release of a revamped sidekick running Android brings music to my ears. The only thing I’m having a problem grasping is the screen size. I’m not sure how that would work but I guess we will all see soon enough.

  9. @Kevin and Se7en2 Danger is the creator of the software and Sharp made the phones which also made the Kin but T-Mobile kept the Sidekick name

  10. If this is really true, It will jump into my hands. Samsung Galaxy S will have lost it’t chance and EVO is behind. Now if this phone would actually support full HSPA+ (not just be compatible) it would be even greater. :)

  11. Now _this_ is good news. I bought the first Sidekick ten days after it was released, and I had Sidekicks right up till the G1 was released. I was worried that there would be no decent TMo upgrade from the G1 when my contract is up but this could definitely do it. My dream would be one of these with stock Android so updates don’t have to get filtered through TMo and HTC before they get to me. Otherwise, this is probably my next phone.

  12. T-Mobile Owns The Sidekick Name. The Actuall Name For The Sidekick LX 2009 Is The Sharp PV300 And The Sidekick 08 Is The Sharp PV210. So T-Mobile Can Name ANY Phone They Want A Sidekick X (X Being The Type Of Sidekick (iD, LX, Etc.). I Cannot Wait for This Phone. I Had Just Placed The Order For A Nexus One But Givin 30 Mins To Cancel, I Did So Right After Reading About This On TmoNews. CANNOT Wait.

  13. Yes, the Sidekick name is owned by TMobile but as I understand it this is a brand new OS not Android

  14. The phone is reportedly being made by HTC so it will be top notch!!!

  15. This would be my dream phone :O. Everything I would want in my future smartphone. Don’t you guys think that this will have HSPA+ since it says “front-facing” camera ;)?

  16. @zapf: I’m interested to hear where you heard that from.

    I like the android marketplace, etc but I’m growing a bit tired of the software itself.

    I’d be perfectly happy if it was running an all new skin, not sure how I’d feel about all new software.

  17. Well, I believe if they do make it, it has to stay true to the sidekick design. The sidekick does have the best keyboard on a cellphone to date and multitasking is so easy, it never lags. Only thing that may be hard is a 4.3 inch swivel screen=^/

  18. I see this in my future sounds lik its ganna be awesome I juss hope they dnt make the keyboard smaller

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