LG LU2300 Now Optimus Q for South Korea


To further muddle up the LG Aloha name everyone throws around, the prime contender for what that phone really is, the LG LU2300 announced for release in South Korea at the end of May, has received a name change. It will now be going by the LG Optimus Q, keeping the Optimus brand going strong for their Android-powered smartphones (see: LG GT540).


It looks like the Optimus name may be used for LG’s entire line of Android phones, at least in South Korea and other areas of the world. So far North America hasn’t seen much in the way of Android handsets from LG, but this should be changing soon with the release of the LG Ally on Verizon and another rumored Aloha handset for AT&T.

[LG Korea via UnwiredView]

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