NVIDIA to Focus on Android with Tegra 2


NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset is still fresh with the announcement of the Kin One and Kin Two, but they are looking towards Android to be the platform of choice for their next generation of smartphone processors. During a company earnings call, Jen-Hsun Huang admitted that their deal with Microsoft for the first Tegra smartphones might not have been the best, and wants to offer manufacturers a compelling competitor to Apple’s A4 chip.


We should be seeing some Android smartphone and tablet devices with the new chip coming in the third and fourth quarter this year.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Tegra2 Android phone AND/OR tablet? Oooh I gettin’ happy in the pants.

  2. I remember when the Tegra chip was first coming out and some fanboys were talking about some particular phone and how it would kill Android. Now its about to power Android. And hopefully its bringing my dream closer to true….that smartphones will be the next gen gaming consoles.

    Anyone thinking Android is going away any time soon with these types of announcements (lookin at you iFools) is a fool.

  3. Do you know how long I wanted a Android device with Tegra? This seriously making me second guess the EVO, but no way I could wait till the 4Q.

  4. isn’t the tegra also in the Nintendo DSI XL?

  5. Might be buying two phones this year but that doesn’t even matter. Android has sucked me in and is probably going to suck the wallet dry lol. Android + Tegra + 3D multiplayer gaming online = GREATNESS!!!

  6. lol the funny things is people make fun of the iphone cult but android has the same people with similar ideologies behind it. Google and Apple could careless about the consumers profit is their main goal and by you or anyone using their products you’re giving them a top spot int he next advertising segment which is the mobile advertising business as phones truly become more like true computers in the palm of your hand.

  7. Standard 1GHz Tegra 2 is 2.5x as fast as Apple’s A4 (based on ARM Cortex A9 vs. A8, dual core vs. single core)… and there’s reason to believe it’ll go faster. And the GPU is faster still. Yet with all this, the demos at last January’s CES were seeing 16 hours of 1080p HD playback. No reason this shouldn’t be the chip-of-choice for ARM-based tablet computing this year. This is THE iPad killer, if there’s at least a system integrator or two who can deliver on the promise (I’m looking at you, Notion Ink).

    Phones would be cooler still… though that would finally make my Droid jealous.

  8. @john

    The thing is Apple blatantly rip the customer off but iFools are fooled into an image that blinds them from this. Example, when iPhone came out, looks sharp but did not have the basic spare battery, did not have media messenging, dids not have stereo bluetooth, and has a crazy expensive data plan. In the meantime, people into the image will line up for this phone. While Android is creating an image but an image the users are creating and since Android is open sourced, the user can control what they want to see on their phone.

  9. @john.. profit is the primary goal of any business. Those that have different goals are called “former” businesses. That’s entirely different than whether a company is concerned about their customers or not.

    Apple has put concern for Apple front and center. And it’s not even just stuff that’s going to make them money, but doing everything Steve Jobs’ way. Trying to throw a few sticks in the spokes of their competition by outlawing application frameworks (which had a dandy chance of hurting Apple in the long run). Trying to kill Adobe Flash so they have have the only means of DRMed video on the iPhoneOS, etc.

    Google’s certainly looking out for their bottom line, but they have done quite a few things that have been really good for customers, both the you and me kind, and the Motorola and HTC kind. They have really worked to enable what’s only the second major Smart Phone/Tablet OS, after iPhoneOS, in a way to not screw us. You’re not really expecting them to derive NO benefit from Android, are you? People who work on things with no expectation of some kind of business benefit are called hobbyists, not businesspeople.

    But there are many different way to approach one’s business. Apple’s practices drove me away over a decade ago. Apple worked really hard to convince my company to support MacOS and develop new CHRP-based Mac hardware (PIOS AG released the first 300MHz Mac “Clone” systems anywhere, and we were really opening the Mac market in Germany… Macs had been so expensive there before, the market was on the verge of failing). Eight months later, they pulled the rug out on MacOS licensing.

    Same company today, same corporate ethics. You don’t want to depend on them for anything, if you value your business. They’ve been slightly better to customers, but even customers have been screwed over on a regular basis. They just seem to have shorter memories than customers from other companies… thus, the whole “reality distortion field” joke.

  10. I’ve been reading about the Tegra 2 for a wile now. From the information I have seen, it is great at graphical capablilities. Which makes me want to see them in mobile phones(IF Android could get the support of game developers it would be all that more wonderful), but I have also heard that the power sweet spot for battery life runs at a much lower speed than the max 1ghz it is rated to run up to. Meaning that the graphics chip would be great at video and gaming but it may be a little lack luster in the linear(cpu bound) processing, compared to some of the other options on the market. especialy when considering battery life. Nvidia it’s self has stated that they are less concerned with single threaded performance, because they see multimedia, 3d, and more complex graphical interfaces being the future. No suprise coming from a GPU manufacturer. I agree with this in principle, but, today single threaded programs still the dominate the landscape of mobile devices. I hope that the mobile world truely does evolve into the image Nvidia sees. Untill then I think I’m going to keep me eyes and my ears open to see which devices, running which chips, produce the best performance in real world applications.

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