Strike 1: The Dell Flash Leaks, Will Offer Froyo 2.2


Some major leakage has just been spilling from the Dell camp lately. If the introduction of two new tablets weren’t enough – and if the Aero and Mini aren’t your thing – the Dell Flash will definitely catch you off guard. Taking a look at the list of specs, I’m completely in awe: if this is true, Dell is so far ahead of the game that it’s almost making me forget about the EVO 4G.


The phone will reportedly sport 512mb of RAM and ROM, a 3.5-inch WVGA LCD screen (unfortunately, it isn’t the AMOLED flavor that we’ve come to admire), TV out, bluetooth 3.0, and all of this works together with a Qualcomm MSM7230 800mhz processor (don’t let the numbers fool you: this thing is said to outperform Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon standard). Dell will be using the unreleased Android 2.2 Froyo which really says something about just how far ahead they’re thinking with their mobile strategy.

As for carriers? Going with the current trend (and the fact that the data bands are compatible), all signs point to AT&T. Dell’s getting serious with making a strong push into the phone market, and this will certainly make a pretty sizable splash in the Android ecosystem.

[courtesy of Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Uhh you forgot a title there.

  2. Yup, I got a little bit excited :)

  3. The HTC EVO 4G is still better than this. Considering this handset won’t come out for a long time too

  4. Hahaha understandable! Sorry if i sounded like a d-bag!

  5. We have no clue how soon this may hit stores lets hope for SOON!

  6. the whole processor thing confuses me. how can one really tell how fast a device is if mhz seems to not mean much. anyone care to explain?

  7. Their other leak….the thunder supposedly has a dedicated Hulu app!!!!!!!!!

  8. The evo still surpasses this, from what I here the evo will come with a surprise, sine are saying with 2.5. I don’t know where the rumor came from but hey if its true this dell Android is still inferior.

  9. Wait, the only listed advantage this has over the EVO 4G is the FroYo firmware. If/when Sprint busts their asses and deliver FroYo to the EVO 4G as soon as possible, then what now?

    I’ll still go with the EVO 4G unless I see better specs/data.

  10. *don’t let the numbers FOOL you.
    haha just looking out for you

  11. The whole processor thing is pretty complicated, but the processor speed only let’s you know how many processor cycles are possible each second. However, an operation (such as adding, multiplying, etc) is rarely accomplished in just one CPU cycle. Depending on the processor architecture, it may take 2 cycles for processor A to perform an addition, while it takes processor B 5 cycles. Therefore, even if processor B is faster according to processor cycle speed, processor A could outperform it.

  12. @Greg K. Thanks, so its a combination of the speed and the cpu’s architecture more or less, even though the architecture seems to be more important. Im going to have a lot of reading to do it seems.

  13. not an EVO-killer.

  14. I have to admit it looks pretty, and has nice specs, but I bet at&t will murder it.

  15. I love that the area code in the screen is for Austin, TX where they’re based out of lol

  16. Not sure why you think this is a killer phone as the specs don’t seem impressive. If the engineering style is anything like their laptops, it will be a step behind the competition.

  17. I have my doubts if all (or any) of the Dell gadgets thats been “leaked” will ever see the market, looks like Dell is using this as an unofficial intent to build and sell these devices, but it takes a lot more than some shiny images to design, build, test and MARKET the stuff, I dont think Dell has that kind of execution ability, most of this is vaporware, IMHO

  18. @Ban – It’s about much more than just CPU architecture and clockspeed, especially for a phone. On a SoC (System on Chip) as used in a phone you have different components. You have the CPU, a (couple of) DSP(s) (digital signal processor) for media decoding and encoding, a GPU for 2D, a GPU for 3D and many many more things. One other thing that matters a lot as well is how well all those things are integrated and the memory and cache architecture also have great influence on performance and battery life. Another thing that matters just as much, if not even more, is how well the software can take advantage of all the things that a chip offers. You have to look at the phone as a whole, the CPU alone won’t tell you much. Just compare a Toshiba TG-01 and an HTC Incredible, both phones are pretty much the same inside but they offer vastly different experiences.

    As for the chip used in this Dell Flash, its a version of Snapdragon aimed at mainstream phones. Lower price points in other words. That said, the MSM7X30 as used in this phone has the same CPU as the Nexus One, but the MSM7X30 has a better GPU (better games :D) and the other components of the MSM7X30 are also a bit better than the QSD8X50 (from the Nexus One). The CPU in the MSM7X30 is slower than the current Snapdragon chips, but the package as a whole is a lot better and will actually offer better battery life.

    As I said, the MSM7X30 is a chip aimed at mainstream phones and will thus end up in cheaper phones than the current Snapdragon chip. There will be a new Snapdragon chip for real high-end phones by the time we have phones with the MSM7X30 though. New chips that are even better than the MSM7X30, but more expensive. Just Google for the Snapdragon QSD8X72 (or QSD8672).

  19. I just want that widget on my home screen on my Droid.

  20. TV out is cool but it doesn’t beat the Evo’s HDMI out. Plus it sounds under spec’ed to the Evo in every way except the 2.2 OS on the Dell…And the whole AT&T thing takes another chunk out of my excitement for this device. I give it a “Meh” at best…the Droid Incredible and the Evo are still the top dogs in my book.

  21. Cool post. I really like your idea and i think it would be useful for my projects.

  22. wanna see this new dell product. hope is would be the same quality like any other of their products. thanks for this review.

  23. Wow… thats great from pc vendor that have more experience with linux OS…

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