Strike 2: Dell Switches Things Up With the Dell Smoke’s Unique Form Factor


Well the form factor isn’t THAT unique (really, it’s just like a skinny Blackberry), but it is something we’ve yet to see on the Android front. Following up with the leak of the Dell Flash, the Dell Smoke is obviously aimed toward the teenage hipsters (is it still cool to use that word these days?).


The Smoke has an insanely small 2.8-inch QVGA screen, the same 800mhz Qualcomm as its big brother Flash, bluetooth 2.1, dual microphones for noise-cancelling ala the Nexus One, a 5mp auto-focus camera, and 512mb of RAM and 256mb of ROM. For a phone this small and quirky, it’s packing one hell of a punch that I wouldn’t see coming, myself. Similar to the Flash, this phone will also house Froyo, a trend that Dell looks to have no problem sticking to.

Again, all of this epic leakage is courtesy of Engadget, and you can make your way over there for the full details and some initial slides.

Random sidenote: is anyone else suddenly wanting Android-powered remote controls now?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. meh, not my style.
    looks fugly imho

  2. You should at least mention the Dell Lightning (or Thunder, I get the confused), considering it’s pretty tricke out. It’s also eventually going to LTE. It’s somewhere on Engadget.

  3. couldnt they make it a slider and a bigger screen? there still isn’t any choice for an android with a keyboard.

  4. I believe the term “teenage hipsters” dates you. :P This phone needs a bigger screen.

  5. I wish the Portrait slider was an ANdroid instead of WInmo ..

  6. @Ban

    If they made it a slider it would of made more bulky.

    It combine the style of the blackberry with the comfort of android of which is awesome.

  7. Sweet, been waiting for a bb form factor android since day one.

  8. My overly large hands are cramping up just thinking about trying to use that keyboard.

  9. Not my style either, but don’t you love the fact that, whatever your style, there seems to be an Android device for you? That’s why Android ultimately wins.

  10. A-We-Some! Now, my Desire upgrade option seems less attractive :) Any news on release dates?

  11. as long as its capacitive this is something i could use i really hate sliders thats just me tho

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