HTC Incredible Car Mount, Gradient Case Pictures Leak!

The HTC Incredible has completely stolen the show for the last week or so. Although the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S are up there (along with the Nexus One) in terms of competing for the hearts and minds of Android lovers, it seems the current frenzy is focused on the Incredible and for good reason – it’s going to be HOT and its coming incredibly soon.

The 1GHz powered Incredible comes with a 3.7-inch touchscreen and Android 2.1, a combination definitely worthy of some Google Navigation. So guess what? You’ll be able to snap up a Window Mount/Phone Holster combo that will make using your awesome new Android device a lot easier in your car. But hey you – no texting while you drive!


As you can see it will cost $24.99 but unfortunately setting the phone in the dock won’t put it into what they call “Map Mode” but we know better as “Car Home”. I’m guessing you’ll also need an alternate power source as it doesn’t APPEAR the mount has any sort of charging mechanism and GPS Nav definitely drains battery.

We also have a bonus accessory leak for you: check out this slick case that has a Red & Black gradient and snaps on for $24.99.


Pretty nice looking! Originally I was going to say I’d prefer an all red or all black case, but the gradient really makes that ring around the camera POP – I like it.

What do you think about the above two accessories? Will you snag them if/when you get the Incredible?

[Official HTC Incredible Thread via HTC Incredible Forum]

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  • don

    Good luck getting updates on the evo and incredible. I’ll stick with my nexus one and get updates as soon as they are ready. I feel bad for Eris/Hero users who were promised 2.1 how long ago?

  • Dan

    It looks like a robot arm holding up the phone, that is so awesome.

  • Oblio

    I’m not a fan of the red camera ring, so the black & red case doesn’t do much for me.

  • jo

    .what you think is “so awesome” is what I think is tacky as fuck.
    But I respect your fucking opinion.

  • Zaggs

    1 car mount please! The biggest regret in getting rid of my Droid was no longer having the use of the car mount. But since I bought the Verizon package I already have a micro usb power cord for the car!

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Just curious Zaggs: What made you get rid of your Droid?

  • Andrew53517

    I am sooo getting a car mount!

  • SwTwC

    Speaking of ZAGG….. How long till ZAGG releases the invisibleSHIELD? Before the 29th?

  • mcorbett

    This is pretty cool, thanks for the update, man if the incredible gets a keyboard… man!

  • Terran

    jo, angry much ;)

  • Topshelf

    From the pic I’m digging the car mount. I was hoping for a mount that had the charging cable built into it, but I guess I can’t get everything. Unless I wait for the N1 that is, but then I get the trackball…decisions.

  • bml

    jo must be mad cause he got an eris or something.
    I like both of them, and at least the price seems right.

  • i3arracuda


    I feel bad for Nexus One users getting support, period.

  • Riley

    Stop this right now. Stop and give me my Nexus One.

  • jake

    How about a clear battery cover to show off the red inside?!

  • Saneok

    that cover looks sooo sexy! I am getting it, for sure.

  • rKrankAlot

    bahaa, this update should have never been done

  • CyberDroid

    Looks like that car mounts sucks compared to the Nexus 1 car mount!

  • http://phandroid moises

    Don you right, thats the reason why i am praying to god to let the iphone come to sprint, i too own a hero and i am not very happy that it takes so long to do updates, its driving me crazy, also i hope that htc buys palm like that we can have the best phones with the best os in the market.

  • uncle ruckus

    I’m 95% sure I’m getting this phone. The cons of the N1 got me worried, but the new addititons on the VZW one has me wanting to wait and see. My contract been up since FEB I’m itching for a new phone Tired of my BB curve.

  • ThomSirveaux

    Want . . . . . . . . . :D

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  • Larry Romestant

    In answer to Quentyn Kennemer’s question, the reason I am replacing the MotoDroid with the Incredible is becasue the Droid does not offer Bluetooth Voice Dialing.

  • Brian

    Love the Incredible, I’ve been playing with it a few days now, and it is so fast, I just hope it stays that way after loading apps on it… :)

  • zim

    Can you not purchase the case and car mount currently?

  • shofia

    i like this phone but is it better than nexus one

  • Smart Boy

    Really a stunning product to attract one’s attention. I have become a fan of its.
    htc incredible cases

  • VZD

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the N1 is no longer an option for Verizon. Google realized that the Incredible is too close to the exact same thing (and in some cases better) than the N1, that they have decided to scrap it from production for big red. Dont believe me? Go to and click the purchase link.

    P.S. – Any problems with the Incredible will be handled directly through Verizon. The N1 users would not have been so lucky. Ask any N1 user currently on Tmo or ATT.

  • Smart Boy

    I am waiting for the new version of this product.
    htc incredible cases

  • Vmax

    You will always have I-phone envy. Go with the best, forget the rest….they are all want-a-be.

  • Incredible owner

    @VZD… the N1 is still available.

  • C-Rob

    I second the clear battery cover. The inside of this phone is pretty awesome looking…if you like red. I don’t see why they’d go to the trouble of making it red if you can’t show it off.

  • W-Russell

    The Incredible is incredible. I like the car mount and the case. By the way Larry, post #23, if that was your only reason to get rid of your MotoDroid, I got bad news for you. The Incredible doesn’t do voice dialing through BlueTooth either. I think it’s handled by the OS, I haven’t seen a Droid that does the voicedialing through the headset.

  • Dan

    I may be wrong, but the only phones I’ve seen that do voice cialing are phones with a dedicated button to get to the phone application. Android phones and even the iphone don’t support it from what I’ve seen.

  • cheap calling cards

    i too own a hero and i am not very happy that it takes so long to do updates, its driving me crazy, also i hope that htc buys palm like that we can have the best phones with the best os in the market.