Apr 13th, 2010

The HTC Incredible has completely stolen the show for the last week or so. Although the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S are up there (along with the Nexus One) in terms of competing for the hearts and minds of Android lovers, it seems the current frenzy is focused on the Incredible and for good reason – it’s going to be HOT and its coming incredibly soon.

The 1GHz powered Incredible comes with a 3.7-inch touchscreen and Android 2.1, a combination definitely worthy of some Google Navigation. So guess what? You’ll be able to snap up a Window Mount/Phone Holster combo that will make using your awesome new Android device a lot easier in your car. But hey you – no texting while you drive!


As you can see it will cost $24.99 but unfortunately setting the phone in the dock won’t put it into what they call “Map Mode” but we know better as “Car Home”. I’m guessing you’ll also need an alternate power source as it doesn’t APPEAR the mount has any sort of charging mechanism and GPS Nav definitely drains battery.

We also have a bonus accessory leak for you: check out this slick case that has a Red & Black gradient and snaps on for $24.99.


Pretty nice looking! Originally I was going to say I’d prefer an all red or all black case, but the gradient really makes that ring around the camera POP – I like it.

What do you think about the above two accessories? Will you snag them if/when you get the Incredible?

[Official HTC Incredible Thread via HTC Incredible Forum]

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