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Samsung Galaxy Lite: Pictures and Video Pop Up!

What a great week its already shaping out to be for Android! In addition to the HTC Tattoo being officially announced only hours ago, we’re now seeing the first live pictures and videos of the Samsung Galaxy Lite! As we thought, the Galaxy Lite is a toned down version of the original Galaxy but is still very capable. It has a 3.2MP camera and 1GB internal memory compared to the original Galaxy’s 5MP/8GB setup.

Considering many people don’t use their phone as their main camera and memory is expandable via MicroSD, plenty will enjoy the cost savings while still getting a very nice piece of hardware. And those colors? AIRS says they’re not likely to appear on market ready Galaxy Lites but I kind of like the look – definitely a standout distinctive look. Why not offer it as an option?

Then we’re treated to a 2 minute video demo of the Galaxy Lite:

This is the first real substantive content we’re getting regarding the Galaxy Lite… so what are your thoughts?


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  • Cthulhu

    Sadly it appears as if it’s missing the LED flash, that makes the Galaxy so great.

    What is it with the Android phone manufacturers – almost constantly leaving out the flash and thereby crippling the usefulness of the camera in low-light enviroments.

  • Luke

    I like it, but really a QWERTY keyboard is almost required for me to REALLY like it

  • duntoo

    Keep everything the way it was, don’t take things away from it. Too many phones are alike. Even looks are the same – MyTouch, Hero, and Galaxy all look the same. Colors? Who cares !

  • uhluhtc

    Android phone manufactures? Seems to me that this is a common thing left off by most manufacturers…some thing 3gs comes to mind…

  • angelo

    Aww man I was really hoping that I could get the original galaxy that phone is exactly what I want but oh well I guess. Does anyone have an unlocked galaxy? How good does it work?

  • acreda

    by the time the end of the week I imagine rob would have moved at least 5 phones from rummored to upcoming.

    gotta be good news for affordability – that is how android will really be spread rather then the few high end phones

  • AGx-07_162

    Well if its just the camera and memory thats toned down then its not that big of a deal personally. As long as the processor, ram and screen size remain the same.

  • Dee

    Hardware keyboard or gtfo.

  • Rizoh66

    Wow… That is one ugly phone!

  • David M.

    The Specs are a real bummer I’m still waiting for something Spec-worthy to hit the US… I’m giving it till the end of the year. I love Android but if I can’t get somthing worth getting … well that’s an empty threat I’m sure I’ll still be talking and telling people about it just wish the original Galaxy would hit the US or something comparable … Something worth throwing in the face of my IPhone owning friends lol…. won’t go Droid till then.

  • Josh

    That’s a cool looking phone but I really want the galaxy:)

  • CandyPop


  • CandyPop

    whoops caps :$