Motorola MB200, MB300 Discovered


What do we have here? It looks like the Motorola MB200 and Motorola MB300 have found a home for their very own UA Profiles on the Motorola website. Along with the profiles come some specs that seem to suggest the MB200 is or might be the Morrison while the MB300 could be the Calgary or another unnamed handset. Some specs discussed include:

Motorola MB200:

  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Qualcomm MSM 7200A processor (528MHz)
  • 320×480 pixel touchscreen
  • WCDMA connectivity
  • VGA Camera

Motorola MB300:

  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Qualcomm MSM 7200A processor (528MHz)
  • 320×480 pixel touchscreen
  • WCDMA connectivity
  • 5MP VGA Camera

Neither is likely the Sholes but could they be two of the below?


These two devices seem to be very similar with the latter (M300) having a better camera. If the suspense is killing you, you’ll be happy to know that Thursday will likely lift that burden. Hang in there and keep refreshing!

[Via CellPassion]

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  1. I may give up on waiting for an Android phone if none of the phones available by the end of the year have better than the Qualcomm 528mHz processor. I really hope the Sholes isn’t one of these. The nokia n900 looks interesting.

  2. Wow… could these specs be any more lame? Motorola better have something interesting up their sleeve. I really don’t want to see them push out 10 similarly 2007 spec’d devices. I’m afraid they learned the wrong lesson from all the Razr’s they sold–then stopped selling.

  3. twoboxen – i would say they are ready to go with something better but are waiting on google to finish android 2.0

  4. Motorola has announced NOTHING yet…. so anything we dig up gets magnified or twisted.

    Bad pictures of old prototypes are thought to be the latest pictures from Motorola and many folks say “fugly” and “MOTO=FAIL”.

    This latest thing is probably something that Motorola didn’t care much about since these partial specs look like they are for their lowest models.

    Motorola is trying to save the handsets side of their business and Jha will receive million of dollars only if they do.

    Therefore they would need something as beautiful as the original black rendered images of Sholes and the powerful detailed specifications we have seen to make a big statement and to compete with Apple, Palm and RIM.

  5. I am really disappointed…I agree with darjama ….it is really that difficult to release android phone that is not designed back in 2006 ?
    Plus they are really ugly!!!

  6. snapdragon….. please.

  7. i am forget my password motorola mb200 how can i finish this problum

  8. my motorola Andriod phone is everytime restart i don’t no why?

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