Samsung Galaxy Lite

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

The Samsung Galaxy I7500 was the company's first Android phone and the Galaxy Lite will follow in its footsteps by offering a slightly toned down version of the original Galaxy. Although the Galaxy Lite has a 3.2MP Camera with no flash and 1GB internal memory compared to 5MP/Flash/8GB specs on the Galaxy, make no mistake - this is a perfectly powerful device.

All the other specs (including AMOLED screen) are found on the Lite version and it will likely arrive at a fraction of the cost.

The Samsung Galaxy Lite was first leaked as it earned certification through the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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Samsung Russia Announces Galaxy Spica, $483 In November

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Lite and it was recently made official by Samsung in Russia, announcing it as the Samsung Galaxy Spica.Some of the specs officially announced: 3.2-inch touchscreen 800MHz processor 128MB of RAM 1500 mAh battery microSD (up to 32GB) GPS-module Compass The Samsung Galaxy Spica will launch in …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Passes FCC… Again

Back in August the Samsung Galaxy Lite Passed the FCC. That had FCC ID A3LGTI5700. Today we’re seeing the Samsung Galaxy Lite pass the FCC yet again but this time with FCC ID A3LGTI5700L. So what does that little “L” on the end tacked on mean?Good question. We’re working on trying to figure that out. …

Samsung Galaxy Lite (Spica) Video (And Soundtrack)

First things first: I have no clue what song this video features but I don’t want to know so don’t tell me. Far more important is the subject of the video itself – the Samsung Galaxy Lite i5700, also called Spica. The folks at blog did/got a video review of the device and felt …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Gets Italian Jobbed

The folks at Italian website have gotten their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Lite and done a detailed photo shoot with the device. The phone comes with model number i5700 and given the name may now be Samsung Spica or Samsung Galaxy Spica, along with its spotting in Italian, I’m not too confident this …

Samsung Galaxy Lite (Spica) Pictures Pop Up

The kid brother of the Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy Lite, doesn’t have much to hide any longer, except perhaps for its real launch name. A few sites are claiming it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Spica or Samsung Spica but the way things have been going lately, who knows. What we DO know …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Pictures Peak Out, Touchwiz Included?

We’ve got juicy new information about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Lite that you’re definitely going to want to hear. Let’s start off with pictures of the front and back of the phone, shown in both White/Lime and Black/Red and adorning an adorable Android Robot on both sides:Three are two VERY interesting debates that come along …

Samsung Galaxy Lite: Pictures and Video Pop Up!

What a great week its already shaping out to be for Android! In addition to the HTC Tattoo being officially announced only hours ago, we’re now seeing the first live pictures and videos of the Samsung Galaxy Lite! As we thought, the Galaxy Lite is a toned down version of the original Galaxy but is …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Picture Emerges With Sparse Details

The first picture of the Samsung Galaxy Lite has emerged and it definitely doesn’t look as “commanding” as the original.Based on the extremely limited rumored specs supplied we still don’t know the TRUE reason this is the “Lite” version of the Galaxy. Supposedly it has both Wi-Fi and 3G along with a trackball and GPS. …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Passes FCC!

First the Samsung Galaxy Lite got its Wi-Fi certification and now another governmental hurdle has been leaped for all to see: the Galaxy Lite has passed the FCC!Here is a sketch showing the back of the phone, pretty uninteresting I know but its all we got!So what do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Lite? …

Samsung Galaxy Lite Introduced By Wi-Fi Alliance

Before the first ever Samsung Android Phone – the Samsung Galaxy – makes its way to American shores we’re already hearing about another version of the same phone… the Samsung Galaxy Lite. The Wi-Fi Alliance passed the phone through its certification process and IN the process outed the device’s existence.There is no solid evidence that …