T-Mobile and Orange Merge In The UK


We’ve got BIG merger on our hands by way of a Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom 50/50 joint venture. Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile which was recently rumored to be selling their UK business. France Telecom owns Orange which also operates in the United Kingdom. These carriers are number 3 and 4 respectively in terms of total subscribers in the UK. Not any more… the pair have announced a joint venture that will allow them to instantly leapfrog O2 and Vodafone, the #1 and #2 providers in the country.

This is a pretty big deal and good news for Android fans, too – T-Mobile has been the market leader in terms of Android adoption and we can only hope this move will accelerate that process. However, the transition won’t take place immediately. The deal is expected to pass regulations and formally occur in October. For 18 months after that they will be maintained separately.

A few interesting ditties from the Pres Release:

  • The new entity will have 28.4 million customers, representing approximately 37 percent of UK mobile subscribers
  • will result in expanded network coverage and enhanced indoor and outdoor network quality for 2G and 3G services
  • the joint venture would expect to invest £600 to £800 million in integration costs over the period from 2010 to 2014

There is no telling what they’ll rename the new entity, but here are some goofy ideas (add your own in the comments):


  • Magenta
  • T-Orange
  • O-Mobile
  • T-Morange
  • UK punk’d

Man… the mobile industry players are really movin’ and shakin’!

[Via Press Release]

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  1. Hopefully this will produce a phone company which has good customer service, good coverage, cheap plans and large limits on data rates.

    Unfortunately, it’ll probably result worse customer service, lower data limits and more expensive plans, if Orange get their way.

    Loss of competition is also a bad thing.

  2. orange mobile probably isn’t to far of a stretch or +T+Angerine
    tormoanbigele lol

  3. How about simply T-Mobile Orange?

    Sony Ericsson did that.

  4. How about:

    Both of those are pretty dire so I’d probably have to vote for O-Mobile from Rob’s post.

  5. T-angerine

  6. Man, I went with t-mobile to get away from bloody orange and now they’re merging. Hopefully they’ll use more of t-mobiles business practices.

  7. I tipped you guys off about this – i wasnt exactly in it for the glory but y’know an acknowledgement would’ve been nice.

  8. This may be a good thing for Android UK. Orange are the main provider of HTC phones. And we know HTC is in front with the Android bandwagon. T-Mobile is also leading the way. Both carriers have Android based phones. (Hero/G2) With a bigger market share there is no doubt they’re going to corner the Android market.
    That is reason to celebrate in itself and…. sh*t they’ll corner the market. Android will be a huge T-angerine flagship platform, but, at, what, cost?
    Hmmmm this will be interesting indeed.

  9. How about:
    Both of those are pretty dire so I’d probably have to vote for O-Mobile.

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