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Lefant F1, a robot vacuum cleaner with powerful features and a pretty cool design


It has been many years since robot vacuum cleaners were first introduced. These days, we have a lot more options to choose from and a lot of them have also become considerably more affordable while packing a lot of hi-tech features.

We know that trying to choose a model for your own personal needs can feel overwhelming, but perhaps the Lefant F1 could be of interest to you as not only does it come with powerful vacuum features, but it also sports a pretty cool design that’s slightly more unique from most other robot vacuum cleaners.

Slim design with a see-through top

For the most part, the Lefant F1 features a design similar to a lot of other robot vacuum cleaners in that it is round, but we suppose that cannot be helped as having a round body actually makes a lot of sense. What’s different about the F1’s design is that it is slim, or short if you prefer.

It measures 69mm tall which means that compared to some other robot vacuum cleaners that might be slightly taller, the F1 will be able to slip under some of your furniture and clean it without issue. For example, if you happen to have a sofa in the living room that has a low clearance, or a coffee table or bed that has a low clearance, the F1’s shorter nature should allow it to slip underneath and give it a thorough cleaning.

To give you some context, the F1’s 69mm height is considerably shorter than some of the more popular options out there that are anywhere between 18mm to 38mm taller, and this difference can make a huge difference in areas that can be cleaned by the robot.

It also comes with a transparent top for where the dust box is located. This means that you get to see all the gunk that is being collected and you also know when it might be reaching its capacity.

Powerful suction and huge storage

Speaking of its dust box, the Lefant F1’s dust box offers 600ml capacity, which is actually quite a lot. This means that the F1 will be able to clean your home from top to bottom without you having to empty the dust box halfway, unless of course your home is particularly dusty and dirty, but for homes that are maintained routinely, this should be more than sufficient.

Also while we’re on the topic of dirt, the Lefant F1 boasts a 4,000PA suction. Combine that with its double size brushes and a square suction mouth, it will be able to suck up all kinds of dust and debris, even those that you might not have noticed, leaving you with a nice and clean floor. It also offers a mopping mode so if you think that vacuuming isn’t enough, you can use the included disinfecting wipes to get it a deeper clean.

Freemove 3.0 technology

All the features we mentioned above are great for a vacuum cleaner, but what about a robot vacuum cleaner that needs to be automated and find its way around your home? With the Lefant F1, the company has equipped it with what they’re calling Freemove 3.0 t technology. It features the use of upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors that helps the robot navigate its way around your home.

We’re talking about being able to avoid obstacles, 360-degree sensing, and the best part is that users can adjust the sensitivity in the app. This means that depending on the kind of surface you’re dealing with, you can adjust the F1’s sensitivity so that it knows if it should avoid an area or attempt to drive over it.

For example, you might have a rug in the living room sitting on top of your floor, so by adjusting the sensitivity, you can get the F1 to skip the rug entirely to prevent it from catching on the rug’s fibers.

It even comes with a roll of magnetic tape that gives you a greater degree of control of certain areas that you do not want the F1 to clean or go to.

Long-lasting battery, smart home controls

The battery is also another issue with robot vacuum cleaners. No one wants a robot vacuum that dies halfway cleaning their home, but the F1 shouldn’t have that problem. It comes with a 3,600mAh battery that is good for 200 minutes of cleaning, so unless your home is so big that it needs more than 3 hours to clean, you should be good.

Also, as expected with a lot of other devices these days, the F1 is compatible with various digital assistants. We’re talking about Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so if you own a smart speaker, you can connect it with either assistant and get it to clean your home using your voice.


If you’re looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner that offers powerful suction, long-lasting battery, and won’t break the bank, then perhaps the Lefant F1 could be of interest to you. The company is running a promotion on Amazon where it is priced at $179.99, a savings of 59% when you use the discount code 07USLHF1 at checkout. The deal lasts through December 28th.

Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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