Windows 10 Genuine Lifetime Licenses only $14 and Office $26, Mid-Year Sale discounts up to 91%!


Buying a genuine copy of Windows or Office directly from Microsoft is the best way to support developers and the people working behind the scenes on the platform, but at the same time, it can be pretty expensive.

Thankfully, the good folks over at VIPKeySale are running a mid-year sale for Windows and Office where you can grab yourself a genuine copy of Windows 10 Pro for as low as $14 and save as much as 91% in the process.

VIPKeySale is also offering an additional 30% discount by using the VIPPH coupon code that you will need to apply during the checkout process, so if you need a fresh copy of Windows 10, Windows 11, or Office, now’s a great time as any to get your hands on one and save some money in the process!

In addition to offering very generous discounts across its Windows and Office products, are also offering some promos on some accessories like keyboards and headsets up to 15% discount when using the skpha coupon code.

OEM VS Retail License

Now, some of you might be wondering how come the prices of these OEM licenses are so low compared to the ones that you might buy from Microsoft directly? Some of you might even be a bit worried that this might not be the real deal, but you can rest assured that it is.

This is because when it comes to licenses, there are retail licenses that are typically sold directly to consumers. Those are the ones that are more expensive, but then there are also licenses sold directly to computer manufacturers, also known as OEMs.

Since it would not be realistic to ask computer manufacturers like Dell, Acer, or Lenovo to pay full retail price for every computer they build, they are usually sold much, much cheaper.

The downside to an OEM license is that it’s usually associated with your motherboard once you’ve installed it, meaning that moving it to a new PC build would be difficult or impossible. This is versus retail licenses that are very easy to move from one PC to another, but then again, at these OEM prices, you could buy 2-3 copies and it would still be cheaper.

Buy and install your OEM copy of Windows

  1. Click on any of VIPKeySale’s links above
  2. On the product page, click on the Buy Now button to add it to your cart
  3. Before you submit and pay for your order, make sure you enter the VIPPH coupon code in the coupon text field to apply an additional 30% savings
  4. Click on Submit Order
  5. Choose your method of payment and key in the payment details
  6. When the transaction successfully goes through, you should receive your Windows or Office OEM license in the same email address you provided
  7. Now on your computer, click the Start Menu and go to Settings
  8. Select Update & Security
  9. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  10. Enter the license code that you just received in your email and you should now have a genuinely activated version of Windows on your computer

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