Dima Aryeh


Testing the Google Pixel 4 cameras

Oct 15th - The Google Pixel 4 is finally here, and the new dual camera system is itching to be tested. We got to take some photos and videos with the device for a quick test!


Hands on with Google’s new Pixel 4

Oct 15th - The Google Pixel 4 is official, and we go hands on with the exciting new device. Watch the video to see the new Motion Sense and telephoto cameras in action!


Devialet Phantom Reactor goes stealth with new matte black color

Oct 10th - We reviewed the Devialet Phantom Reactor (as well as its bigger brother the Phantom Silver) and we absolutely loved it. That tiny little egg puts out a ridiculous amount of sound for its size, and an even more absurd amount of low end. Even at quiet volumes, you can feel the impact and rumble. And …