Master & Dynamic announces MW07 PLUS true wireless earphones, MW07 GO budget model


Master & Dynamic is the maker of high end audio gear that impresses in both sound quality and build quality. Every material used is as premium as it gets, and it results in a product that’s as beautiful as it is useful.

The original MW07 true wireless earphones are a favorite of mine, but they are flawed. With stainless steel bodies, beautiful acetate shells, and 10mm beryllium drivers, they both sounded and felt brilliant. But at the time of release, the battery life wasn’t great, and now it’s just sub-par as other manufacturers have made great strides. They were also fairly barebones in terms of extra features. However, the company has announced a followup to the original MW07 and it comes in two unique flavors.

The MW07 PLUS improve upon the originals in every way. The battery life is boosted from 3.5 hours to a massive 10 hours while the case goes from 14 hours extra to 30 hours. You also get USB-C fast charging to boot in case that isn’t enough for one session. Bluetooth 5.0 means you get 100 feet of range. The case now has magnets to hold the earbuds in. Either earbud can be used independently. You now get four microphones, which also assist in the new noise cancelling and ambient sound modes. The IPX4 water resistance is bumped up to IPX5. The same sound is present and the price hasn’t gone up at $299. You can get them in Tortoiseshell, White Marble, Steel Blue, and Black Quartz.

The MW07 GO is positioned as the “budget option,” though it’s not exactly cheap at $199. Still it’s competitive with other brands selling earphones for between $150-200. You lose the ambient sound and noise cancelling features of the PLUS and the mic count is reduced to two, but the earphones retain the same 10mm beryllium drivers and 10 hour battery life with a 15% smaller size and lighter weight along with IPX6 water resistance for exercise. The case is woven fabric instead of polished stainless steel and provides another 12 hours of charge. The outer shell is TR90 composite and you can get them in Flame Red, Jet Black, Electric Blue, and Stone Grey.

Both models are now available on Master & Dynamic’s website and will be available at Best Buy on October 20th!

Dima Aryeh
A tech nerd from childhood, Dima also enjoys building and racing cars as well as photography and video games to pass the time.

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