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Smart homes are all the rage, and it’s nice to have your lights turn on and off automatically. And if you want to toggle them outside of the schedule, just ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With a properly set up smart home, you’ll never have to touch your light switches ever again.

But what’s better than smart bulbs? RGB smart bulbs of course. Add some flair to your home with the Gosund multi color smart bulbs, which can run in either 2700K warm white mode or show 16 million different colors. Have your bedroom go blue, or backlight your speaker setup with some purple. It’s a lot of fun and adds a great mood to your home. And when you’re done playing around, set them back to warm white and they’ll look like any other bulb.

Otherwise, you’re getting all the smart features you expect like assistant support, schedules, timers, scenes, and more. With full Google Home integration, you can change the colors with your voice or the Google Home app.

Pick up a two pack on sale for only $16.99 with the coupon code “6SKJUSID”! This knocks 15% off the cost of the pair of party lights. The sale is valid until the end of October 7th in Pacific time so grab yours now!

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