Oct 15th, 2019

Google’s focus with the Pixel line has long been maximum camera performance out of limited hardware. The company has done some amazing things with fairly limited hardware in the past, and this year looks to be no different.

Overall photo quality in adequate light looks to be very good, with great exposure and dynamic range. Video as well looks to be good quality with excellent stabilization. The change between the standard lens and the telephoto lens in video is surprisingly seamless, unlike many other devices.

Unfortunately there is no option of 4K60 video, which the competition has had for a few years now, and there’s no wide angle camera that has become a standard on flagships these days. The wide angle front facing camera is also missing from last year’s model which is a real shame. The main front facing camera is also a fixed focus unit so the quality isn’t particularly great.

However the photo zoom is great. It’s not as good as a dedicated 5x zoom like on other devices, but thanks to Google’s strength in computational photography, zoom up to 8x looks far better than just a simple crop.

We couldn’t test other functions such as the night mode and astro photography at this point so keep an eye on Phandroid for more testing and our final review!


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