Delta Emulator Finally Arrives on the App Store


It looks like the floodgates are starting to open a bit more each day – shortly after a couple of retro emulators were taken off the App Store, the long-awaited Delta emulator has finally been published for compatible iOS devices, bringing a much-welcome dose of retro entertainment to iPhone users.

The app is able to run a number of older gaming systems from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, all the way up to the Nintendo DS (believe it or not, it’s 20 years old now) and supports custom skins, save file sync across devices, and even support for physical controllers as well as haptic feedback.

It should be said that Delta has been available on iOS since the days of the iPod Touch, although it originally required a number of extra steps to install. Of course with the app being readily available on the App Store, it adds a much-needed level of accessibility.

With that being said, the app is available for iOS users worldwide, although folks living in the EU will need to install it using the AltStore, a third-party app platform for iOS. Apple recently changed its developer guidelines and policies to allow emulators via the App Store, a move that iOS users have long yearned for.

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