Casetify launches a bunch of awesome Qi2 compatible accessories


MagSafe might have been Apple’s consolation prize to their failed attempts at launching their own wireless charging accessory, but it has taken off in a big way. So much so that Apple lent a helping hand in the development of the Qi2 wireless charging protocol which now brings a MagSafe-like experience to non-iPhones. If you’re looking for some Qi2 accessories, Casetify has you covered.

The company, probably best known for its mobile phone cases, has announced a bunch of new Qi2 compatible charging accessories under its PowerThru series. There are different charging accessories that you can choose from. This includes Qi2 magnetic wireless chargers, charging stands, and power banks. There are also car chargers for those that want a more convenient way of hooking up their phones in their cars.

For those unfamiliar with Qi2, this is the latest update in the WPC’s Qi wireless charging protocol. Like we previously mentioned, Apple actually lent their MagSafe tech to aid in the development of the protocol. This means that Android devices that are Qi2 compatible can take advantage of similar magnetic wireless charging accessories.

The use of magnets also helps ensure that your phone and your charger are aligned precisely. This allows optimum charging speeds. Speaking of charging speeds, Qi2 also boasts faster speeds compared to the first-gen Qi. If you’re interested in these Casetify Qi2 accessories, you can head on over to the company’s website.

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