Ugreen NASync Series makes its debut at CES, breathing new life into the NAS category


Most of you might know Ugreen as a company that specializes in creating mobile accessories like chargers and power banks. The company has also recently gotten into power stations, but at CES 2024, Ugreen has announced new network storage solutions – the Ugreen NASync Series.

NAS storage isn’t new, but Ugreen’s solutions could come in handy for users who might be looking for a system that can offer smarter ways of managing their data.

Fast and powerful

One of the reasons why people might choose to use a NAS over a regular external hard drive is because they want a centralized place for their files. Also, other people might also need to access the same files, so it makes sense that it can all be accessed from one place.

If your company or organization has many people that need to access the NAS, one of the features of Ugreen’s NASync system is that it’s fast and powerful. It offers dual 10GbE network ports, allowing speedy transfers of data. It also supports Thunderbolt 4 ports (there are two of them), so if you need to access files directly from the NAS, you can.

Ugreen has also made sure to use flash storage. Compared to regular HDDs, flash storage like SSDs are known to be faster and more reliable as they are more durable. This will allow read/write speeds of up to 3,000M/s.

Under the hood, Ugreen has equipped their NASync system with Intel’s Core processors, with some models even using the Intel Core i7 1225U CPU. They also come with 8GB of DDR5 RAM that offers 2-3 times faster speeds compared to competitors who are still relying on DDR4 memory.

Easy to use

If you’ve never used a NAS before, the idea of setting it up and accessing it might seem daunting. This is why we appreciate Ugreen’s NASync Series for creating a user-friendly interface, which is one of its key features. It comes with an all-inclusive app. This app will allow users to access files stored on the drives anytime and anywhere they want.

Multiple devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, support it. So even if you’re on the go and you need to access a file, you can do so. Think of this as being your own personal cloud storage with potentially better privacy (more on that later). This doesn’t mean that professional users who might need to squeeze out more performance can’t.

Within the accompanying app, Ugreen has included additional tools and settings to allow for more advanced features and tweaks, like creating a virtual machine and more.

Some of the features of the NASync include image recognition and classification. If you’re using this as a way of storing your personal photos, the system can help recognize and even classify those images. This can help make it easier for you when you’re searching for things later on.

It also has smart search and album synchronization to make it easy for you to organize all your files and photos so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself.


As we previously mentioned, having a NAS is like having your own private cloud where you can access files anytime, anywhere you want. In some ways it might be better because it’s more private.

Entrusting your personal documents, sensitive data, photos, and videos to third-party companies might not be something some people want to do, so having a NAS might make more sense in this case.

Ugreen’s NASync offers privacy focused features like local storage and local accounts. It also supports multi-factor authentication to make sure that people who login are those who truly have access. It also offers transmission and account encryption, and there is a built-in security manager tool that will give you more control over the NAS security.

As we have seen in various data breaches in the past, sometimes it might be a better idea to store things offline or out of the cloud for better privacy and security, which is what Ugreen’s NASync offers.

Pricing & availability

Ugreen plans to launch six different NASync series models. Each model differs by how much data it can store, how many drive bays are available, how much max RAM it supports, and so on. Pricing has yet to be determined, but Ugreen states that they will be launching a Kickstarter this March. So, if you’re keen, then check back again in March once the Kickstarter is live and you can pledge your support for it.

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