Ugreen’s new Nexode Pro chargers are slim and powerful


Ugreen is a company that many of you might be familiar with when it comes to mobile accessories. For those who aren’t, Ugreen has managed to craft a reputation for themselves for creating some of the best mobile charging accessories out there that are more value for money compared to first-party charging solutions.

This comes in the form of their Nexode series of GaN chargers, which the company has recently updated to include its brand new Nexode Pro series of chargers.

According to Ugreen, the new Nexode Pro series will utilize the latest Airpyra Technology. This is an electronic stacking technology that will help make Ugreen’s Nexode Pro chargers smaller compared to other commercially available chargers, while also offering up some pretty insane charging speeds to help quickly charge your mobile devices.

The first wave of Nexode Pro chargers will include four different models – the Nexode Pro 65W Mini, the Nexode Pro 65W Ultra-Slim, the Nexode Pro 100W, and the Nexode Pro 160W.

Support for various charging protocols

Obviously one of the main differences between the chargers are its charging speeds, but even though they might offer different charging speeds, they will all share similar features, which is a good thing as it means that you won’t have to spend more to get the features you want even though you might not need such a powerful charger.

According to Ugreen, all its Nexode Pro series chargers will support various fast charging protocols, such as Samsung’s 45W Super-Fast Charging 2.0 technology, along with Apple’s PD charging protocol, so you should be able to charge Android phones or iPhones and still get the fastest charging speeds possible.

Ugreen is also claiming that all its Nexode Pro chargers will come equipped with their GaNInfinity Chips that are apparently better for the environment as it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Multiple ports for multiple devices

Now, in addition to the chargers offering up different charging speeds, there are some slight differences between the models.

For example, the Nexode Pro 65W Ultra-Slim comes with 3 ports, which includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, perfect if you want a small and slim charger and you don’t have that many devices that need charging.

For those who might have more devices that need charging, the Nexode Pro 160W model could be a great option. As its name implies, this is the most powerful Nexode Pro charger in the lineup and offers up to 160W of power. It also comes with four ports which includes three USB-C ports and one USB-A port for older devices. As it is part of the Nexode Pro lineup, customers can expect a similar compact design that makes it easy to slip into a bag or backpack to take it with them on the go.

Built with safety

One of the concerns that some people might have using third-party charging accessories is safety. If you’re concerned that using a third-party charger with your mobile phone or tablet could cause it to explode or catch on fire, you can rest assured that it won’t. Ugreen has built-in its Thermal Guard protection system into its Nexode Pro series of chargers.

This helps prevent the charger from overheating, overcharging, and also excessive current, which are some of the reasons why some third-party chargers can catch on fire and explode. Also, the chargers are made using high-grade PVC material that adds an extra layer of protection, plus the use of GaN technology means that these chargers are better when it comes to heat dissipation.

Pricing & availability

If you’re interested in picking up Ugreen’s new Nexode Pro chargers, the Nexode Pro 100W is currently available priced at $74.99. If you want a more powerful model, the Nexode Pro 160W is available at $119.99. As for the Nexode Pro 65W Mini and Ultra-Slim, those will be priced at $55.99 but they won’t be available until January 2024.

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