Ugreen debuts its first-ever power station, the PowerRoam 1200


Ugreen is a company that many of you might be familiar with when it comes to mobile accessories, especially accessories like power adapters, power banks, USB hubs, earbuds, and more.

Now it looks like the company is hoping to expand beyond mobile accessories as they have announced their latest product lineup in the form of power stations, where there will be two options available – the PowerRoam 600 and the PowerRoam 1200, with the latter being the more powerful model of the two and will come with a larger battery and slightly more ports.

There are already several established players in the power station market, but having more options is always a good thing, so if you are keen on picking up a new power station, then perhaps the Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 could be one worth checking out.


The Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 is a fixed power station, meaning that, unlike some other power station models, it is not modular, so what you see is what you get in terms of power output and battery life, but it’s not a bad thing.

For those who are looking to bring their power stations on the road with them, maybe for a road trip, a camping trip, a cross-country trip in the RV, these types of portable power stations are the perfect companion.

It features a handle on the top that makes it easier for you to hold and bring it around, and there are also ports on the side and front where you can plug your devices in to charge. There’s also a small display on the front that shows you the charging status and how much battery there’s left.

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward design and we can appreciate that it comes in a nice sleek gray finish, especially since other colors might stand out a bit too much, especially if you’re in the wild and want to remain a bit more discreet.

Long-lasting battery

Similar to other power stations, Ugreen has equipped the PowerRoam 1200 with a LiFePO4 battery. Unlike lithium-ion batteries that you might traditionally find in other electronic devices like our phones, laptops, and small power banks, LiFePO4 batteries are designed to be longer-lasting.

In fact, Ugreen claims that the battery that comes with the PowerRoam 1200 can last for as long as 10 years! This is pretty crazy as it means that you don’t have to worry about the battery losing its maximum capacity for years on end, making it a great investment, especially if you plan to use it often.

Not only is the battery long-lasting, but it can store up to 1,024Wh of energy, so even when you’re on the road, the massive battery will be more than sufficient to charge and power the majority of your devices that you might need, whether it be a phone, lights, heating, kettle, a stovetop, and so on.

For those who are wondering, yes, the PowerRoam 1200 is solar compatible so if you find yourself without direct access to power to recharge the power station, you can lay out some solar panels and recharge it using the sun’s energy. If you can charge it with direct power, the use of PowerZip technology means that you can juice up the PowerRoam 1200 from 0-80% in just 50 minutes, which is pretty quick.

Multiple ports

One of the benefits of power stations over power banks is its ability to charge multiple items at once that might also use different ports. The Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 comes with a total of 13 ports. This includes 6 AC ports with a total wattage rating of up to 1,200W, 2x 100W USB-C ports, 2x USB-A ports, 1 car outlet, and 2 DC5521 ports.

This means that the PowerRoam 1200 is capable of charging not just your phones and tablets, but your laptops and even appliances that might require more energy. Take note that it will support appliances of up to 2,500W, so unless there’s something more powerful that needs energy, it should be more than sufficient for gadgets and appliances that might take on the road with you.

Ugreen has also created its own app that will allow users to control the PowerRoam 1200 anywhere. You can also use the app to remotely control the functions of the power station, like putting it in Quiet Mode, Energy-Saving Mode, or locking it for child safety.

Pricing & availability

So, if you’re keen on Ugreen’s brand new power stations, then you might be interested to learn that they will be available for purchase in the US. The PowerRoam 1200 will be priced at $999, but Ugreen is offering a great discount at launch on its website and Amazon. The discount price will be $799(The page price will be $849 from May 8 to May 21, enter 05UG1200 can get extra 5%off code).

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