Ugreen’s 145W power bank lets you charge just about anything


If you’re looking for a smartphone power bank, there are so many options to choose from it can feel a little overwhelming, so you’ll have to ask yourself what is it that you want from a power bank to begin with?

Are you looking for something small that you can easily slip into your pocket? Or are you looking for one with a massive battery? Or do you need one that has the juice to help charge up larger devices like a tablet or a laptop?

If you’re looking for a power bank that covers the last two features, then you most definitely want to check out Ugreen’s 145W 25,000mAh power bank because it might just have everything you need from a power bank and then some.


The Ugreen 145W power bank is by no means a small power bank. It isn’t massive and you can still easily put it in a bag without it taking up too much room. It measures 6.3-inches x 3.2-inches x 1.1-inches and weighs a little over 500 grams.

It features a space gray finish, which is quite nice and neutral-looking so it won’t stand out too much. It also comes with a total of three ports – 2x USB-C and one USB-A for legacy devices that still require a USB-A connection.

A neat little design feature that we like is that on the side of the power bank, there is a small LED digital display that will show you how much battery is left. Most power banks typically rely on LED indicators to let you know roughly how much battery is left, but having a LED display with an actual number helps remove some of the guesswork.


Most power banks out there today usually focus on just charging smaller devices like our phones as it doesn’t take a lot of power to do that. While this might be fine for some people, others might require something a little more powerful.

This is because these users might need to charge devices that consume a bit more power than a smartphone, like a tablet or even a laptop. With the Ugreen 145W power bank, as its name suggests, it can put out a total of 145W that would make it perfectly capable of juicing up a larger tablet like the iPad Pro, or according to Ugreen, a 13-inch MacBook Air which apparently can recharge to full in just 90 minutes using the power bank alone!

Since some people usually work on the go and might not have access to a power outlet, or don’t stay in one place for too long, having such a powerful power bank makes it easier to ensure that their devices are constantly topped up so it doesn’t die on them halfway.

The Ugreen power bank supports PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging. When using one of the USB-C ports by itself, it can output as much as 100W, while the second USB-C port puts out 45W. The USB-A port on the other hand can output 18W of power. The power output does change depending on the port you use and how many are in use simultaneously, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Massive battery

With the Ugreen 145W power bank being powerful enough to charge laptops, obviously it needs to have a big enough battery because otherwise what’s the point, right? Thankfully, that won’t be an issue here as the power bank is packing a 25,000mAh battery.

Given that most smartphones come with batteries around the 5,000mAh mark, this means that on paper, Ugreen’s power bank should be able to recharge them about 4-5 times over, so it should last you more than a day. As for laptops, this will depend on your laptop model, but Ugreen does note that it can fully recharge a MacBook Air, so that’s something.

Also, another good thing about the Ugreen power bank is that seeing as it packs a 25,000mAh battery, it is still within the allowance for most airlines, which generally allow power banks of sizes up to 27,000mAh. That being said, you should always double check with your airline company just to be on the safe side lest your power bank ends up being rejected.

Pricing & availability

So, if the Ugreen 145W power bank is something you think that you have a use for, it is available for purchase on Amazon for $150, so head on over to purchase one or for additional details about it.

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