How to Bypass AI Detection: A Comprehensive Guide with Top 12 Proven Methods


AI detection technology has seen a big surge in recent years. Lots of new AI detectors have hit the market, like Winston AI, Turnitin, and Copyleaks. These tools are able to scan a piece of text and accurately determine whether or not it was produced by AI.

That can be a problem for people who want to use AI writers without being detected. But there’s no need to fear – it is possible to bypass AI detection. And this guide will show you how, detailing five proven tools that can get past any AI checker.

How to Bypass AI Detection

So, how do you bypass AI detection? Well, there’s a multitude of methods to pick from. Let’s take a look at your options, starting off with the best possible ones: using undetectable AI writers. Below, you’ll find details on five of the best undetectable writing tools you can start using today:

Use Bypass GPT to Humanize AI Text

Bypass GPT is a leading undetectable AI writer with state-of-the-art humanization technology. Whether you’re trying to avoid detection on GPTZero, Content at Scale, or Originality.AI, this tool can do it all. 

It offers sophisticated humanization modeling, allowing it to transform AI-written text into human-written text. The final output text is always of the highest quality, free of errors and plagiarism.

Bypass GPT also features a built-in AI detector to scan each piece of text on a list of major AI checkers. Plus, it can provide SEO-friendly output, with valuable keywords and phrases to help you rank higher on Google.

With this undetectable AI writer, you even get to adjust the readability level of your final text. That allows you to customize Bypass GPT to suit your needs, whether you’re writing an essay, a blog post, or anything else.


  • Industry-leading humanization technology
  • Bypasses all major detectors 
  • Free to try 
  • Easy three-step user process 
  • Can boost SEO performance
  • Multiple customization options
  • Built-in AI checker


  • Free version is quite limited

Make AI Text Undetectable with HIX Bypass 

HIX Bypass is another highly rated undetectable AI writer. It’s part of the HIX.AI family, which includes 120+ writing tools, a fact-based, SEO-friendly article writer, and so on, all with the aid of AI.

Even the best AI detectors are regularly fooled by HIX Bypass’s powerful technology. It creates content that feels in every way like it was written by a real professional human, with high-quality results and no mistakes or plagiarism to worry about.

Like other leading undetectable AI writers, HIX Bypass also features its own built-in AI detector. In addition, it does an excellent job of retaining the original meaning of your work. So you won’t have to worry about the message being diluted or removed.


  • Bypasses all of the major AI detectors, including ZeroGPT and Turnitin
  • Powered by state-of-the-art technology
  • Friendly customer care from the HIX.AI team
  • Preserves the original meaning
  • No typos or grammar mistakes


  • More expensive than other writers

Transform AI Text into Undetectable Content with Bypass AI

Bypass AI is a trusted AI humanizer that stands out for its ease of use. Some undetectable writing platforms can be a little tricky to work with. But this one is straightforward and streamlined with beginners in mind.

Bypass AI can make your text 100% undetectable, and it works on all kinds of AI-generated text, like ChatGPT, GPT4, and Bard. It’s a super tool for outsmarting any AI detector, and all you have to do is paste in your content and click a button to humanize it.

Copyleaks and Scribbr are only a few examples of AI detectors that this tool can help you get past. It’s one of the most reliable undetectable AI writers, powered by leading language modeling technology.


  • Very easy to work with for new users
  • Retains the original message of the content
  • Removes all traces of AI from the text
  • Capable of working with different types of content


  • Doesn’t allow for file uploads

Produce Undetectable AI Writing with Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is an undetectable writing platform to help you get past AI detection. It offers the humanization of AI-made text with a single click. Just copy your text into the box provided, click the button, and watch as Undetectable AI works its magic. 

Available at a very fair price, Undetectable AI offers fully undetectable AI writing. That means it shouldn’t show up on any AI detector, from Winston AI to Crossplag. The output is always human and high quality, without any pesky errors or other little problems.

Undetectable AI also stands out for its ability to rewrite and humanize text without detracting from its original meaning. Plus, this tool never copies and pastes from other sources, so you won’t have to worry about being accused of plagiarism.


  • Simple, straightforward design for beginners
  • Powerful humanization technology
  • Avoids detection from all of the leading AI checkers
  • Produces high-quality human-grade content


  • Missing advanced features

Humanize AI-Generated Content with Humbot

Humbot, as the name implies, is an AI humanizer that was designed with one thing in mind: humanizing your AI text. It can help you evade any detector, from Content at Scale to Originality.AI.

It does this through a blend of advanced machine-learning algorithms and natural language modeling technology. In other words, Humbot can take a piece of AI-made text and humanize it, making key changes to the structure, syntax, and other elements. 

The result is a piece of high-quality, original, error-free, and plagiarism-free text for you to share or publish as you like. Humbot also has a built-in AI detector to help you save time when scanning your work.


  • Fast and efficient humanization
  • Bypasses all leading detector platforms
  • Sleek and modern interface
  • Optimizes the output content with keywords


  • Can be pricey if you need a high word limit


Another method to bypass AI detection is via obfuscation. That basically means altering your AI-written text to effectively “hide” the signs of AI. 

You can do this by using synonyms, swapping out certain words for other options that mean the same thing – like switching “small” to “little,” for example. 

Another way to obfuscate is to add extra random words to sentences to surprise or mislead the detector.

Use a Unique Writing Style

A lot of AI writers tend to write the same way, with the same style, which is almost scientific in nature. By developing a more unique writing style, you can fool the detectors. 

You can do this by adding bold and italic words to your text, mixing up long and short sentences in your paragraphs, and even adding lots of bullet points and broken lines to give the text more of an unpredictable flow.

Experiment with Prompts

When using AI writers, many people tend to stick to basic prompts like “Write 500 words about X.” However, if you want to successfully bypass AI detection, it helps to experiment with alternative prompts. 

You may want to ask your chosen AI tool to write in a “natural style” for example or “in a conversational manner” to make the text more human-like.

Add Anecdotes

AI writers tend to focus on the facts of the subjects they’re writing about. Unlike people, they never veer off into personal stories or anecdotes. 

So, another way to humanize your text is to add some of those personal elements. For example, if you’re writing a recipe, you can talk about the last time you tried it and how you shared it with your neighbors over a dinner party.

Try the Active Voice

Another tendency of AI writers is that they write a lot in the passive voice, rather than the active voice. And many of the best AI detectors have been trained to look for passive sentences and then flag them as AI-written. 

Therefore, either ask your AI tool to write more actively, or manually go through your text and swap passive phrases for active ones.

Keep it Simple

AI-written text can sometimes be quite complicated, with long words and complex sentences. AI detectors have been trained to spot this kind of complicated text and are more likely to flag it as AI. 

One of the ways to evade AI detection is therefore to simplify your writing, opting for short sentences and shorter words.

Write It Yourself

Of course, one of the most surefire ways to evade AI detection is to just write text by yourself, rather than using AI bots. That should usually result in an output that is able to get past AI detectors. 

The downside to this method is that it takes much more time compared to using AI, and many people simply don’t have the time required to manually write everything.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Bypassing AI Detectors

You might be wondering why you would actually want to bypass AI detection. There are multiple reasons why you might be interested in evading detection from the likes of Copyleaks and Content at Scale.

Avoid Penalties

Firstly, there are many situations in which users could get penalized or punished if they are found to have used AI to write something. Bypassing AI detection helps you avoid those penalties.

Enhance Content Quality

In addition, a lot of AI-produced content can sound bland, boring, and repetitive, which may make it less readable and useful for your audience. By bypassing AI detection, you can more easily produce higher quality, original content that is more readable and engaging.

Prevent False Positives

You might also seek to evade AI detection to avoid falling foul of “false positives.” Sometimes, AI checkers get things wrong and flag human-made content as AI. Bypassing detection means that you won’t have to worry about that.


Overall, there are many different ways to avoid AI detection. So, if you’re worried about having your content flagged by AI checkers, you can use any of the above methods to avoid any problems. 

The best option of all is to use one of the listed undetectable AI writers and AI humanizers. Equipped with these tools, you can bid farewell to concerns regarding AI detection.


Can I bypass AI content detection? 

Yes, there are lots of ways to get past AI detectors. The best method is to use an undetectable AI writer.

Can I use an undetectable AI writer for free?

Yes, many of the best undetectable AI platforms offer free versions or free trials, but you’ll need to pay for a subscription if you want to use them daily.

How do undetectable AI writers work?

Typically, undetectable AI writers use natural language modeling and humanization technology to make AI-generated text more human and original.

Why is it important to have original, high-quality content when using AI? 

Original, high-quality content is vital if you plan on sharing it online or using it for work or education. As robotic, repetitive content could be detected or may lack readability. Moreover, search engines like Google tend to reward high-quality, valuable content.

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