Razer Project Esther is cushion that can provide haptic feedback while gaming


Razer is no stranger when it comes to gaming accessories, peripherals, and computers. In recent years, the company has expanded its offerings to include gaming furniture such as gaming chairs. At CES, the company has taken the wraps off the Razer Project Esther.

This is essentially a gaming cushion that comes with Razer’s Sensa HD haptics. It’s basically a vibrating cushion. However, what makes the Razer Project Esther different from other haptic feedback devices is that it can adapt to on-screen content that will vary in intensity, speed, and duration.

The cushion comes with 16 haptic actuators built into it that will help create the feeling of distance, location, and even direction. The best part is that it is (more or less) universally compatible. This means that even if you own a regular non-gaming chair, Project Esther will still be usable.

The cushion relies on a 2.4GHz connection and offers up low-latency feedback, so you should be able to feel things as it happens. The company has not yet mentioned pricing or availability, but the name “Project Esther” suggests that it might still be a work in progress.

Razer has announced several projects at CES events over the years, some of which never materialized, so it remains to be seen if this could be one of them.

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