Samsung S24 leaks show new AI features


As we head into the New Year we can start getting excited about the Samsung Galaxy S24. Samsung is gearing up to unveil the Galaxy S24 series in early January 2024. It is expected to set new standards for Android flagships, not just with its hardware which we’ve been seen leaks of for months but now in its software. We get leaks of the leaks, likely from a retailer listing, revealing exciting AI features for the Galaxy S24 series.


AI Brains

Some of the more exciting things that come from these leaks would be the ability to live translate straight from the phone. We’re hoping that this means that speaking languages on the fly will be easier when on the phone. Having a more fluid experience when translating languages would be a huge bonus.

Samsung’s version of Google Erase will be coming to the Samsung S24 series; known as “Generative Edit.” It’s worth noting that, unlike the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, this will require an internet connection and will utilise things like the cloud to process the image. This won’t be a phone that will able to run the software on the device.

Powering the Samsung S24

We get confirmation from previous leaks; that the Samsung S24 Ultra will have an eyewatering 200-megapixel camera it will also have access to Nightography Zoom which is a new mode exclusive to the S24 line. The leaks also show that there will be a flatter and brighter screen coming to the S24 Ultra. However, nitts aren’t discussed in the leaked material. So how bright it will be? We’ll have to wait and see!

The standard S24 and S24 + also get some reveals in this leak. Both are described in the leak as having bigger and brighter screens than their predecessors. The cameras on both will be a 50MP camera and will have access to a new low-light mode for nighttime photography called Nightography Zoom.

What is your take on the leaks? Is there anything you’re excited about?

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