Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera confirmed in latest leaks


While the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series is rumored to not be changing much over its predecessor, one of the biggest upgrades we can expect from the phone is to its cameras where according to the rumors, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could come packing a 200MP sensor.

Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but what we have been seeing is an increasing amount of evidence that would suggest that could indeed be the case. The latest comes from a tweet by Ice Universe who posted what appears to be a screenshot of the camera’s UI for the phone which shows off a mode in the camera app that lets users toggle the 200MP option.

Now, usually when it comes to higher resolution sensors, the main draw here is for photographers who want to be able to crop their photos without losing too much details. In a recent alleged camera sample, it indeed does show that the new 200MP sensor will be able to capture more details compared to the previously-used 108MP sensor.

We’re not sure what other improvements Samsung will be making, but if you’re someone who loves to use the telephoto function or crop their photos considerably, at the very least the 200MP sensor should be able to help with that. Samsung will most likely unveil the phone in the early part of 2023, so we’ve still got a couple of months to go before we get all the official details.

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