Telegram Drops New Features as a New Years Treat!

In Telegram’s most recent update, users are treated to a host of exciting features designed to elevate their overall experience. The standout feature of this update is the revamped calling functionality, now featuring a vibrant new design with dynamic backgrounds that change according to the call’s status – be it ringing, active, or concluded. This not only injects a fresh aesthetic into Telegram calls but also brings notable improvements in efficiency. The redesigned interface is resource-efficient, contributing to a more battery-friendly and smoother performance, especially on older devices.

In a snap

Adding a dash of pop culture flair, the update introduces the “Thanos Snap Effect” for message deletion. Initially an iOS experiment, this visually striking and energy-efficient vaporised animation is now available on both iOS and Android. Every time a message is deleted, users are treated to a display that adds an extra touch of style to the messaging experience.

For the Developers

The highlight of the update, however, is the substantial enhancement to Telegram’s Bot Platform. Bots have undergone a major evolution, now capable of reacting to messages and managing reactions, quotes, and links. They can also send replies to other chats or topics, providing users with a more interactive and dynamic bot experience. This represents the most significant update to the Bot Platform in Telegram’s history, showcasing the platform’s commitment to delivering versatile and powerful tools.
As the year comes to a close, Telegram is paving the way for an exciting 2024. Developers, in particular, will find the extensive changes to the Bot Platform a playground of possibilities. The update teases more features to be unveiled in January, building anticipation for what Telegram has in store for the new year.
Whether you’re eager to enjoy revamped calls, relish the magic of message deletion animations, or explore the capabilities of powerful bots, Telegram’s latest update caters to all.  One thing we know for sure is, we can look forward to another feature-packed year!
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