You can now use Google Translate while you’re inside any Android app


Google today revealed a nice update for their Translate app. They’ve introduced Tap to Translate, a feature that lets you translate text no matter which app you’re in. It works by bringing up a popup box when it detects you’ve copied some foreign text. The box opens and pastes the copied text into the translation field to immediately spit out the text in your preferred language.

translate tap to translate

It’s a great change for those who frequently speak to friends and family who don’t know the same languages. The time and headache you save from not having to jump in and out of apps is probably priceless.

Google also added a new language to Word Lens: Chinese. Word Lens lets you translate text in the real world by pointing your camera at it, a feature that’s great for travelers.

translate word lens

The update is heading out over at Google Play so give it a download if this is of use to you!

[via Google]

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