Google reportedly paid Samsung billions to make the Play Store the default


We’re sure many of you might be wondering how companies like Google rose to become a behemoth in the tech industry. Obviously good software and services played a role, but it turns out that paying companies to ensure your apps and services are installed on devices can help a lot too.

According to a report from Bloomberg, it was revealed during the Google vs Epic trial that Google apparently paid Samsung a whopping $8 billion over a four year period. This is so that Google’s services and apps, like Google Search, Assistant, and the Play Store, were the default apps and services on Samsung’s phones.

$8 billion is no small sum of money, but it’s not hard to see why Google might consider it a worthwhile investment. With the millions of Samsung users around the world, it translates into millions of users using their apps and services on a daily basis. It also means that these users are downloading and purchasing apps from the Play Store, giving Google a cut in the process.

Samsung does have its own app store, but obviously with the number of apps available in the Play Store, it is the preferred storefront when it comes to downloading apps on Android phones.

Source: Android Authority

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