Nintendo Hunts Down Yuzu Software Remnants


While it’s been quite some time now since Nintendo shut down the Yuzu Switch emulator for Android, it looks like the Japanese gaming giant isn’t done with this particular affair. It’s reported that Nintendo recently issued a takedown request for 8,535 copies of code of the emulator, which was available via GitHub.

The takedown request was issued on April 29, with GitHub removing the files afterwards. It appears that several users uploaded their own copies of the emulator’s code online, following Yuzu’s demise.

Earlier on, Nintendo and Yuzu developer Tropic Haze came to an agreement regarding Nintendo’s legal claims and accusations, with Tropic Haze agreeing to pay Nintendo a sum of $2.4 million in damages, and to hand over its website domain as well as other Yuzu-related information to Nintendo.

While emulation apps in themselves aren’t illegal per se, Nintendo stated that most ROM download sites point people towards emulators like Yuzu in order to play their downloaded game copies. This legal onslaught from the company has resulted in several Nintendo emulation apps being subsequently removed by their developers from Google Play, perhaps out of fear of legal repercussions.

Source: IGN

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