Someone ordered an iPhone from Apple but received an Android phone instead


Sometimes consumers are cautioned against buying products from unofficial stores. This is because sometimes these third-party stores might sell fake products, but it turns out that even buying from the official Apple store does not guarantee that what you receive is the genuine article.

In a hilarious report on Reddit, it seems that one user ordered the iPhone 15 Pro directly from Apple UK’s website. They received the tracking details like you normally would when ordering from Apple, but when they received their phone, it turned out to be a fake iPhone 15 Pro.

At a glance the device does look like the real deal, but turning it on revealed that this was a fake phone that runs on Android. It is unclear how this mixup happened, but obviously this is quite a rare occurrence. According to the poster, the UK’s DPD assured them that the box was properly sealed and was never opened, meaning that if there was tampering, it was not on their end.

This has led to speculation that maybe it could have been tampering from the supplier’s end. The poster says that they have a ticket opened with Apple support who told them that they are investigating the issue and would get back to them when they have a resolution.

Source: Reddit

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