Google adds New Travel-Centric Features for Google Wallet


In case you missed it, Google recently announced that it would be providing users with new features via the Google Wallet app, which should prove to be handy during commutes and international travel.

For one, Google says that it’s working on a new feature that will show users their ride history and how much they’ve saved with time-based fare caps. For certain bus lines in the UK, live service updates will also be sent to users, with a planned expansion to more cities soon.

Additionally, users can now easily access their transit cards when travelling around, both locally and abroad. Initially launched for users in Madrid, the feature is now rolling out for more regions worldwide. With this feature, Google says that users can easily and automatically load up their transit cards, view real-time transit balance and transaction history from their smartphone.

Users can also save their tickets on their phone via the app, including tickets via SNCF in France, Hamburg HVV in Germany, and Italo in Italy, to name a few.

Google has also added the ability to purchase tickets via Google Maps, which is a much-welcome feature especially for users who commute daily. This also works for commutes which involve multi-leg journeys, meaning that users can get all their needed tickets in one go. Google adds that this feature is supported by more than 250 ticketing agencies worldwide.

Source: Google

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