Not X-Actly Impressed with Musk’s Twitter Rebrand? Here are the 5 X Alternatives to Check Out


In the wake of Musk’s Twitter (now rebranded as X) takeover, many users are looking for alternatives to the platform, unimpressed with its new approach to content moderation, mass layoffs, and more. If you’re an eX-Twitterati, then there are other options. Our pick of the five best is below.


Meta’s alternative offering to X was unveiled in July 2023 and, within the first seven hours of the launch, had amassed over ten million new accounts. The platform is a great way to join public conversations and share text updates. At the moment, Threads can only be accessed by those with an Instagram account – however, this is set to change, with the Meta team recently announcing that they’re working to make the platform compatible with the wider social media community. Users like the fact that posts can incorporate up to five hundred characters and include photos, links, and videos up to five minutes in length.



If you’re looking for an X alternative that has a similar look and feel to Musk’s platform, then Bluesky is likely to best fit the bill: Twitter’s co-founder is even on the board of directors. For those looking for a more independent-minded service, Bluesky is one of a number of decentralized social media platforms that use independent but interconnected servers that communicate with each other. At present, Bluesky is still in the development stage, and setting up an account is by invitation only. It’s expected to have a general launch soon, however.


CounterSocial offers a very different social networking proposition. It’s a platform that stands firmly against trolling or online abuse of any kind – it also has no truck with fake news and advertisements. Established in 2017, this popular Twitter/X alternative is funded entirely by its users, incorporates advanced deepfake detection tools, and uses zero tracking tools. The ability to set up, join, and participate in group communities is a standout feature of CounterSocial, so whether you’re a big fan of the Game of Thrones series, sweepstakes games, or a certain sporting team, you’ll find your tribe here.


With its vast global user base and fun interface, Plurk is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for an alternative to Musk’s Twitter rebrand. Identifying itself as a “social network for weirdos,” you’ll find a hugely varied range of conversations on Plurk, from knitting to the latest gaming news. Users particularly like the Time Machine feature, which allows you to view plurks from previous days and easily find an old post. Plus, you can share your thoughts anonymously if you wish.


This option enables users to create and moderate their own social media network, and there are already thousands of communities on the platform representing an array of different interests. Mastodon is a great way to network or find like-minded new friends, and its decentralized nature means that there are no algorithms at play trying to sell you stuff or funnel you in a certain direction. Users can follow anyone they like from a single account via any Mastodon server, receiving their updates in chronological order.

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