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Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series is available for purchase around the globe. If you have already purchased one of these phones or are planning to buy one, you will also need a case to keep it safe. This becomes even more important if you are interested in the iPhone 15 Pro models as they are really expensive.

There are numerous case brands to choose from but when it comes to good quality, there are only a handful of options. Incipio is one of these few brands that you can trust for iPhone 15 cases. These are available in different designs and patterns without compromising on durability and strength.

Here are the best Incipio cases for the iPhone 15 series. All these models are available for iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Incipio Duo MagSafe Case
The Incipio Duo has two-piece construction and is made with recycled materials. It has raised edges and Impact Struts protection tech that reduces the impact force. It is anti-microbial, scratch-resistant, and drop-tested for 12ft. The back has a soft-touch texture and is MagSafe compatible. This particular variant is available in Crimson and Red color combination that gives it a unique look.
Incipio Duo MagSafe Clear Case
This is the Incipio Duo case but with transparent design. It has all the features but is aimed at buyers who prefer clear cases. It will let you flaunt your brand-new iPhone 15 and its color wherever you go without worrying about the protection.
Incipio Duo Case
This is Incipio Duo case's version without MagSafe. It is cheaper than the MagSafe-compatible version for the same reason. You can go for it if you do not have a MagSafe charger and accessories. Available in Black, Clear, and Navy Blue color options.
Incipio Forme Protective MagSafe Case
The Incipio Forme case has a dual-layer, one-piece construction and is made with recycled materials. It has a slim, form-fitting design with antimicrobial protection. It is drop-tested for 10ft and is scratch and discoloration-resistant. It is compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories. The pattern on the case's back is inspired by nature which makes it stand apart from the crowd. This particular variant has a unique Intrastellar clear design that you can see for yourself.
Incipio Forme Protective MagSafe Case
This Incipio Forme case has Digital Disruption back pattern. It is a design that gives you futuristic vibes. All other features are what you would expect from a Forme case.
Incipio Forme Protective MagSafe Case
This Incipio Forme case design is officially called Eternal Spring. It has a back design pattern made with flowers that will remind you of the spring season. Get this case if you love flowers, spring season, or both.
Incipio Cru. Protective MagSafe Case
The Incipio Cru. Protective case has co-mold, inlay textile, and TPU construction. There are ultra-responsive press-fit buttons and raised edges for enhanced protection. It is also slim, form-fitting case with antimicrobial materials. It is compatible with MagSafe accessories and chargers. It is available in Brown Faux Leather, Navy Canvas, Navy Camo, and Black Camo colors.
Incipio Grip MagSafe Case
The USP of the Incipio Grip case is its multidirectional x-grips. This unique design helps prevent the slippage of the phone in all directions. It is made with recycled materials and has antimicrobial defense. It is scratch, discoloration resistant and drop-tested for 14ft. Available in Black/Clear, Black, and Clear color options.

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