Mega corporations come together to challenge Google Maps


The Overture Maps Foundation (OMF), is a collaboration of leading technology companies like Microsoft, Meta, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and TomTom, among others. Together, they’re embarking on an ambitious mission to create an open map dataset tailored to our ever-evolving world and one that can challenge Google Maps. Their goal is to meet the growing demand for accurate and real-time map data, empowering users and organizations worldwide.

Unveiling Overture 2023-07-26-alpha.0,(not the most personable of names, admittedly) an innovative open map dataset boasting four powerful data layers, thoughtfully curated for a seamless experience. At the forefront is the Places of Interest (POIs) dataset, hoping to have a literal treasure trove of information for over 59 million global locations. This will be perfect for navigation and location-based apps, it opens up a whole new experience who are looking for an alternative to the default like Google Maps.

The next part of this data set is its Buildings layer. It’s hoping to have an eye-watering catalogue of over 780 million unique building footprints. This will offer architecture nerds and their ilk detailed insights into structures around the world. Perfect for those who are doing some research about their destination before arriving. The Transportation Network layer provides a comprehensive global road network. Because this data exists means that it will make travel planning easier and provide real-time traffic updates.

In order to make this information useful to not just English speakers, the Administrative Boundaries dataset is available in over 40 languages.

OMF’s core principle is the collaborative sharing of map data to meet the dynamic demands of the digital age. This united effort streamlines access, enabling innovative location-based solutions and this ultimately helps everyone regardless of where you are in the world.

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