Google Maps now supports Google Assistant voice commands


Given that Google Assistant is basically Google’s answer to Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and so on, it’s natural and almost a given that the company would try to integrate it into as many of its products and services as possible. For the most part, that is true, but for some reason, it has yet to be utilized by Google Maps, at least until now.

In an announcement on the Google New Telegram channel, the company has revealed that they have now integrating Google Assistant into Google Maps. This means that if you need to use voice commands for Google Maps, you can by tapping on the microphone icon which will bring up the Google Assistant UI that we’re sure many Android users are familiar with by now.

Prior to this, Google had continued to rely on its older Speech Services tool, which was fine for the most part, but obviously Google Assistant is a lot faster and smarter to a certain degree, which means that the experience of using your voice to help search for locations will be faster and provide a better overall experience.

The update seems to be server side which means that users don’t need to update their Google Maps app to a specific version in order to get it. Presumably users will need to have the latest version of the app installed, so as long as your Google Maps is up to date, you should eventually have Google Assistant enabled for the app.

Source: Android Police

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